The Fuccons - Meet The Fuccons! - R1 ADDED

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The Fuccons - Meet The Fuccons! - R1 ADDED

Postby Michael_Byers » 31 Mar 2014 21:12

Title:The Fuccons - Meet The Fuccons!
aka Oh Mikey!
The disc volume is titled Vol. 0, as it is a sampler/compilation disc and not included in the normal box sets to my knowledge - all the episodes on this are on the other discs in the box set or individually. Was sold at retail.
Country: US
Region: R1
Distributor: ADV Films
Case Type: Keep Case
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Anamorphic?: No
Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 2.0 (dubbed) on the English episodes and Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 on the Japanese episodes
Subtitles (are they optional?): Yes, English but only on the Japanese versions. There are no English subtitles when playing the English versions.
Cuts: none. Run times are below per episode
Commentaries: none
Extras: Preview montage for Volume 1 (1:31)
ADV Previews menu, with previews for: 'Yumeria', 'Super Gals!', 'Godannar', 'Vermilion Pleasure Night', 'Excel Saga', and 'Ghost Stories' (11:07)
TV Screen Savers for: 'The Fuccon Fireplace' (2:59) and 'The Fuccon Slideshow' (2:26)
DVD-ROM content containing: 8 wallpaper images, 25 icon images (for messengers or whatever), and 2 Screensavers for both Mac and PC - same as the TV Screen Savers mentioned above.

Easter Eggs: none
Amazon ASIN (UK and USA releases only): B000CCCNDI
Source: disc in hand

Release is rather odd compared to most releases that feature dual audio, as it's not just dual audio, it's 2 different versions of each episode, which let me explain:
Menu has a selection for Original Japanese Version when it's on the English menu, and when it's on the Japanese menu, has a selection for Original English Version.
By default, the English menu comes up. When selecting any episode, it will play with the English dub, which the episodes also have different intro and overlay graphics compared to the Japanese version; the English will show the logo for The Fuccons, while the Japanese will show the Japanese text for what would be titled Oh Mikey! - essentially the episodes are on the disc twice; once for the English versions, and once for the Japanese versions. You cannot select English audio on the Japanese versions or vice versa.
The English versions also do not state the episode number.

Episode list - English title / Japanese title in the order they are on the disc:
The Start of Our Life in Japan (2:21) / Our New Life in Japan (Episode 1) (2:22)
Mikey's Cousin (2:38) / Mikey's Cousin (Episode 4) (2:47)
Mikey Goes Shopping (2:28) / Mikey Goes Shopping (Episode 5) (2:32)
Mikey & Milk (2:32) / Mikey And Milk (Episode 10) (2:32)
Mikey & The Ghost (2:36) / Mikey and The Ghost (Episode 15) (2:33)
The Lady Tutor (2:26) / The Lady Tutor (Episode 24) (2:33)
Mikey's Grandparents (2:34) / Mikey's Grandparents (Episode 40) (2:47)
Fly Mikey! (2:40) / Fly, Mikey! (Episode 38) (2:47)

Examples of the intros of each episode being changed per version, notice these are not subs or similar.

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Re: The Fuccons - Meet The Fuccons! - R1 ADDED

Postby Samuel_Scott » 03 Apr 2014 20:24

Thanks Michael. Now added.!
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