Dressed to Kill (Blu-ray Audio)

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Dressed to Kill (Blu-ray Audio)

Postby Samuel_Scott » 16 Sep 2015 11:39

User Stephen Ryan informs us:
The Criterion release of DRESSED TO KILL (9-8-2015) may be the "unrated/uncut version." However, there is a very bad audio edit in its sole mono track that is essentially a hack job between the R-rated and unrated versions between 34:34 and 34:44. It's during the height of the action in the elevator murder sequence.

While the film/video is indeed that of the uncut version, the audio that's juxtaposed with it is absolutely NOT that of the uncut version (as we've known it to be from previous releases). It is a splicing of audio from the R-rated version and uncut versions, and has a very noticeably different rhythm because of it.

Another poster at another forum looked into and confirmed that the Arrow uncut blu-ray has a secondary 2.0 track that has exactly this same problem and/or is identical to that audio glitch on Criterion's sole audio track. In other words, likely not a "bad edit made by Criterion," but just them porting over faulty elements from another release and not realizing it.

However, given that this mono track with the botched audio edit is the only track available on the Criterion release, is it worth noting perhaps in the profile and comparison page. Clearly, some fans/purists are going to notice this and take issue with it.

Thanks Stephen.
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