The Bourne Identity Blu-ray differences

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The Bourne Identity Blu-ray differences

Postby Samuel_Scott » 05 Jun 2016 13:44

Deck the Halls scene:
The U.S. release is 118:17 while the European/Australian releases are 118:36. There is no difference between the two running times from the start, but at 81:21, the U.S. version cuts from a kitchen scene of Marie and Eamon washing dishes, to a scene of Eamon bringing blankets to Jason and Marie. On the European/Australian releases, at the same point, there is a scene of Jason, Marie, Eamon and his children eating dinner while "Deck the Halls" plays in the background. There is no dialogue, the characters just each exchange uncomfortable glances. The scene goes to 81:40, then picks up the same scene of Eamon bringing blankets.

Many thanks to Rewind user Mark Bowen for comparing these releases and letting us know the difference.
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