Treasure Of The Amazon - R1 VCI cuts

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Treasure Of The Amazon - R1 VCI cuts

Postby Åsmund_Utvik » 07 Oct 2016 18:57

I have tried to compare the VCI version with Italian shock version

I am sorry for if there are som bad english or spelling errors. This scenes are shorter in the VCL version

Scene 1: The gringo is talking too two gold hunters. It starts with they are tired of waiting. A dialogue where they are telling the gringo they wants him a partner. (15:56-16:30)
Scene 2: Ducho and the rest of the gold hunters is watching Indians girls fighting and we that some of the girls is almost nude. Some closeups and fights (23:49-24:16
Scene 3: Indians girls is fighting vicious. More closeups from the fights. You only see about 3 seconds in the VCL version of this scene, the rest is gone. (24:57:25:17)
Scene 4 A man is getting into a house and he is talking to his partner ). They are discussing with Ducho. He wants 5 pesos in start taxes and he is warning them. He wants taxes when they are back (29.32-30:05)
Scene 5: Gringo and ducho and his 2 partners is inside a house. They are on Duchos store. The gringo is saying they will buy feather to the natives and Duchos say the are after gold laughing and he wants taxes when they are back (35:21-35:40)
Scene 6: A girl and a guy are making food outside a cave after digging up diamonds from some a place where a they did find som human bones (36:55-37:50)
Scene 7: The girl and Klaus together. The Nazi Klaus is saying they are been followed by the gringo (38:46-39:58)
Scene 8 A sea pilot is having problems,You only see the end of the scene in the vcl version (38:46-39:58)
Scene 9: After the girl is surround by bats. They are surrronder by Cannibals. The scare them off with shooting around (48:29-50:05)
Scene 10: Extended scenes from the crocodile slaughter. More closeups from the slaughter (50:44-51:15)
Scene 11: Scene in a cave where a girl man is just talking (01:01:34-01:02:14)
Scene 12: After thet shoot the last indian helpding them two of the men is argueing why he did that (1.0.5:45-1.06:15)
Scene 13: After finding some diamonds outside a cave. A scene where 2 of they guys is talking and arguing. (1.09:01-109:16)
Scene 14: Gringo and the 2 gold hunters (partners) are watching some young cannibals playing with a several head. Som extended running and walking scene (1:10:36 -01:11:15)
Scene 15: The gringo and the girl is running away from their 2 partners. (1:25:34-1:26:00)
Scene 16: The Nazi Klaus and the girl they are seeing the cannibals making camp far behind them. Klaus is saying to the girl. They are waiting to attack (1:30:39-1.30:57)
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