Treasure Of The Amazon R2 Holland cuts

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Treasure Of The Amazon R2 Holland cuts

Postby Åsmund_Utvik » 07 Oct 2016 23:23

R2 Holland Italian Shock release. This release contains both an uncut version of the film, and the heavily edited German version which features the cuts detailed below:

Scene 1: We see munk behind him a man drinking and talking to another guy 5 seconds missing
Scene 2: The Sea pilot with a passenger is flying missing 10 seconds missing
Scene 3+4 Picture from jungle after they have landed 5 seconds missing
Scene 5 The girl and the Nazi Karl is visiting the girls former husband the Dutcho 2min 6 seconds missing
Scene 6 They have found a diamont where they did find human bones. The girls looks at the diamond
They start to drink. The party scene is missing 1min17seconds
Scene 7 a closeup of Dutcho watching the indian girls fighting 13 seconds
and close up the girls fighting missing 35 seconds
Scene 8 More vicious Indian girls fighting 5 Seconds
Scene 9 Even More vicious Indian girls fighting
Scene 10 2 guys is talking to Dutcho inside Ducho house and they have to give Dutcho pre taxes on 5 pesos 1min01 second
Scene 11 More from Dutcho house 3 seconds missing
Scene 12 From Dutcho house and shop 37 seconds
Scene 13 The 2 guys and the girl. They are talking about that they need more supplies. They are making food and eating while they are discussing. 1min 31second
Scene 14 The girl married to the Nazi Karl is riding down to meat him. She is saying we are followed. The nazi is saying it is the Gringo and we need to kill them 1min 11 seconds
Scene 15 The Sea pilot getting trouble with the engine. 39 Seconds
Scene 16 The scene after the girl is beeing attacked byt bat. The are surrounded by cannibals. The girl is saying we are surrounded by enemies. The girl starts to shoot around and she scares off the cannibals. She calls them ghosts 2min 7 seconds
Scene 17 The alligator butchering/skinning first scene missing 8 seconds
Scene 18 The second scene of alligator butchering/skinning scene missing 4 seconds
Scene 19 The Nazi Karl is taking to her indiana wife about keeping the gold a secret they have together and that He will come back. The indiana girl is asking what do you mean about that. It is mine half 50 prosent. The nazi is talking about having people in argentina ready to build the new 3rd reich. She is laughing at him and he is hiting her. 2min 21 seconds
Scene 20 The girls is telling that guy she is with that she is in love in another guy 1min
Scene 21 2 guys is running they are hearing a shot. Half the scene is in the german version
The other 2 is saying the dont belive that he killed the last indian because he wanted to steal their boat 37 seconds
Scene 22 The gringo and the 2 "partner" is waking 13 seconds
Scene 23 Additional walking and dialog scene after seen the kids withe the severed head 33 seconds
Scene 24 Gringo running with shrinken heads + Gringo runs to the cave 24 seconds
Scene 25 Half scene where Gring is getting away from this 2 partners. Missing from the german version 33 seconds
Scene 26 The Nazi Klaus and the girl the they are seeing the cannibals making camp behind them. Klaus is saying to the girl. They are waiting to attack 15 seconds
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