DVD R2 - Germany - The Invaders ADDED

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DVD R2 - Germany - The Invaders ADDED

Postby Christian_Bütikofer » 09 Feb 2018 08:01

Title: The Invaders
Country: Germany
Region: R2
Releasing Studio: Studio Hamburg Enterprises
Case Type: Digipack in a cardboard box
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Anamorphic?: No
Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, German Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Subtitles (optional): German (but only for parts that were never before shown and therefore not dubbed in German TV -> Beachhead extended version, introductions by Roy Thinnes)
Cuts: None
Commentaries: Audio commentary by writer Larry Cohen for "The Innocent" (English, no subtitles)

DISC ONE ("Play All" option)
Beachhead (49:00) (S01E01)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (1:19)
Condition: Red (51:33) (S02E01)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:40)
The Ivy Curtain (51:36) (S01E10)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:27)
Beachhead extended pilot episode (57:48) (S01E01)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:39)

DISC TWO ("Play All" option)
The Trial (51:32) (S02E06)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:50)
The Saucer (51:22) (S02E02)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:59)
Nightmare (51:38) (S01E06)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:35)

US Trailer (English, no subtitles) (2:26)

DISC THREE ("Play All" option)
Wall of Crystal (51:28) (S01E15)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:43)
Moonshot (51:41) (S01E14)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:47)
The Condemned (50:39) (S01E16)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:37)

DISC FOUR ("Play All" option)
Quantity: Unknown (51:37) (S01E08)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:32)
The Innocent (51:38) (S01E09)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (1:00)
The Believers (51:35) (S02E14)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:26)
Task Force (51:34) (S02E16)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:23)

DISC FIVE ("Play All" option)
The Possessed (51:38) (S02E17)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:32)
The Pit (51:34) (S02E19)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:34)
The Organization (51:32) (S02E20)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:29)
The Vise (51:23) (S02E22)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (1:14)

DISC SIX ("Play All" option)
The Pursued (50:30) (S02E25)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:39)
Counter-Attack (51:34) (S02E18)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:33)
The Life Seekers (51:33) (S02E24)
- Intro by Roy Thinnes (0:52)

Interview with Roy Thinnes (27:26)
Bonus Trailer (The Time Tunnel (1:50), Die Wächter (1:42), Das Millionenspiel (1:37), The Kennedys (2:16), The Brady Bunch - Season 1 (1:11)

Notes: German title: Invasion von der Wega. 16 page booklet included. The episodes mostly are in the wrong order - only 20 of the 43 episodes made it into German TV - unfortunately they are missing on this disc set too. The episodes are in the order as they were shown on German tv station ZDF. On the discs the content is wrongly printed: Disc 1: The Beachhead, Condition: Red, The Ivy Curtain, The Trial (this one is on Disc 2); Disc 2: The Saucer, Nightmare, Wall of Crystal (on Disc 3), Moonshot (on Disc 3); Disc 3: The Condemned, Quantity: Unknown (on Disc 4), The Innocent (on Disc 4), The Believers (on Disc 4); Disc 4: Task Force, The Possessed (on Disc 5), The Pit (on Disc 5), The Organisation (on Disc 5); Disc 5: The Vise, The Pursued (on Disc 6), Counterattack (on Disc 6), The Life Seekers (on Disc 6); Disc 6: Bonus
Easter Eggs: -
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Re: DVD R2 - Germany - The Invaders

Postby James-Masaki_Ryan » 17 Feb 2018 11:25

Added, thanks!
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