A Guide to Chinese DVDs (authentic, bootleg and grey zone)

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A Guide to Chinese DVDs (authentic, bootleg and grey zone)

Postby David_Chen » 20 Oct 2007 16:17

A Guide to Chinese DVDs (authentic, bootleg and grey zone)

I write this guide to provide detailed information to those who are interested in Chinese DVDs. The reason that I write this guide is because I've seen so many comments or guides by foreigners about DVDs from China that are unprofessional and subjective. They know very little or none about DVDs from China.

Please understand that my native language is NOT English so forgive me for grammatical mistakes I made.

I will address questions that I've seen very often on the Internet such as:
- Why there's a DVD-9 logo on Chinese DVD cover?
- I want to order oldies DVD from China, are they original?
- I saw Hayao Miyazaki's DVD on Chinese DVD websites. They are Region All, are they original?
- Are US TV drama DVDs from China bootlegs?

OK, I classify Chinese DVDs into 3 categories: Authentic, bootleg and grey zone.
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Postby David_Chen » 20 Oct 2007 16:19

Part 1: Authentic R6 releases in the old days

Here I only address R6 Hollywood DVDs in China where people outside China known very little about.

The History of R6:

CAV Thakral Home Entertainment
In 1998, Thakral Group from Singapore, a reputable listed company, joined China Audio Video House, a Government sector, to form CAV Thakral.
CAV Thakral was the very first authorized DVD distributor to distribute Hollywood R6 DVDs in China.

The Law:
Foreign companies are NOT allowed to distribute video product in China. They must find a Chinese partner who has a license to publish video product.
CAV is the most recognized publisher in China and owns three publishing licenses. Each license has a name and a label.

Image Image

CAV Thakral was the official distributor for the following Hollywood video products in the old days:
- Warner Home Video DVD and VCD (1998 early 2005)
- Fox Home Video DVD and VCD (1999 2005)
- Buena Vista, Walt Disney, Touchstone DVD and VCD (1998 Aug 2006)
- MGM DVD (1999 till Sony stopped MGM titles to be released)
- Paramount VCD** (1999 2005)
- BBC DVD (2000 2005)
** Paramount only released VCDs in China at that time, all Paramount DVDs found in China before Nov 2007 are bootlegs (except few sub-licensed titles).

Others in the old days:
- United East distributed Columbia VCD
- Fei-Le distributed Universal VCD

In 2001, two companies, SAST and United East, joined Thakral to take turn to distribute R6 DVD in China in order to share cost.

R6 DVDs at that time were lame. China was unable to produce DVD-9 (SS-DL or Singled Sided Dual Layered) due to technical limitation. To preserve best possible picture, R6 Hollywood DVDs with running time over 95 minutes often got released in DVD-10 (DS-SL or Dual Sided Single Layered) and customers have to flip disc from side A to side B.

Nobody ever bothered to look at authentic R6 DVDs, video magazines never ever mentioned R6 DVDs but focus on pirated disc review. Because of the low profile of R6 DVDs, not many people known they exist. Authentic R6 DVDs only available in limited outlets in some of the key cities. It took me a week to find out two outlets in Guangzhou that selling authentic R6 DVDs. I bought two discs Devil's™ Advocate and Empire Of The Sun. The packing was unprofessional. No bonus features at all and discs in DVD-10 format.

Below were two R6 DVDs bought years ago. On the right is Animatrix by CAV Thakral 94 minutes DVD-5 (SS-SL or Single Sided Single Layered) and the one on the left is Training Day by SAST, 122 minutes DVD-10. The printing on SAST™ Training Day is bad enough that no one could believe that this DVD is authentic! Words are blur and hard to read. But it is indeed an authentic release, Region 6 by hardware testing, come with that old-fashioned Warner Home Video sticker and disc ring has replication SID code. The code on Training Day is L109, belongs to SAST disc factory. Today, SAST is very popular among Hong Kong mid-priced R3 DVDs and CDs. They get their disc done in this factory.

Replication SID code ranging from L100 to L113 belong to SAST, located in Shenzhen (a city in mainland China that very close to Hong Kong).






Warner came to China in 2005 and took away CAV Thakral's™ Warner DVD business. Later, Buena Vista decided not to re-contract with CAV Thakral. In Sept 2006, CAV Thakral closedown its™ business. The last DVD got released was Disneys™s Eight Below.

All Hollywood DVDs released by CAV Thakral & SAST are authentic but these DVDs were fading out from the market.

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Postby David_Chen » 20 Oct 2007 16:23

Part 2: Today's authentic R6 Hollywood DVDs

CAV Warner Home Entertainment
In 2005, Warner Home Video and CAV (China Audio House, a Government sector under the Cultural Bureau) formed CAV Warner Home Entertainment and take over CAV Thakral's Warner DVD business. Warner Home Video releases DVD and VCD in China through CAV’s three license tags. On every CAV Warner DVD and VCD, you can find a CAV Warner logo and a label from one of the three CAV license tags.

Q: Which license tag will be used to publish a particular title?
A: We don't know. From my experience, the flower, the one in the middle, is being used more frequent in kids' DVD.

Image Image

Mass releases + fast release + low pricing = CAV Warner's™ strategy in China

Warner released The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants R6 DVD on the same day as US theatrical release to test and to adjust their strategy. This is nothing new, Hong Kong cinemas started release authentic DVDs in mainland China 1 to 2 days before Hong Kong theatrical release since Infernal Affairs in year 2000. Superman, Harry Potter, 300 all get released two months ahead of other markets.

Ref: http://videobusiness.com/article/CA6376516.html

When CAV Warner reprint Warner titles that previously released by Thakral & SAST, they just use the same old master. So some of the CAV Warner discs are still DVD-10 such as Devil's™ Advocate, Empire of the Sun and Training Day etc. First-time new releases will never use DVD-10 format again.

CAV Warner DVDs are available in several editions. Take 300 for example, from left to right. Paper Sleeve edition, Silver edition, Gold edition, Special edition.

Silver edition is the standard edition, the most common one. RRP(USD)2.90
Gold edition is the deluxe edition, often in digipack and is available to films that more Chinese audiences should be interested in. RRP(USD) 4.70
Special edition is only available to selected titles, price varied. This one RRP(USD) 24.00
Paper Sleeve edition is a disc in paper sleeve without a case, selling for USD 1.5 to fight piracy.


Superman Returns from left to right: Paper Sleeve edition, Silver edition, Special Presale edition, Gold edition, Ultimate 13 Disc edition.
Paper Sleeve, Silver and Special Pre-sale editions were released in Sept 2006, two months ahead of the rest of the world.


In Sept 2005, CAV Warner allied up with Universal to distribute each others DVDs in China and Russia respectively. CAV Warner distributes R6 Universal DVDs in China. Universal distributes R5 Warner DVDs in Russia. The first R6 Universal title got released was The Interpreter.

Ref: http://www.timewarner.com/corp/newsroom/pr/0,20812,1111108,00.html


In Oct 2007, Paramount has signed a deal with Warner. CAV Warner will start distribute Paramount R6 DVDs in China for the very first time begin from Nov 2007.
The first title will be Transformers (1st Nov 2007). Four editions will be available. Silver (USD 2.90), Gold (USD 4.70), Steelbook Edition (Denmark import box, USD 20) and Transforming Edition (US import packing, USD 22).


Why DVD-9 logo on DVD cover?
DVD-9 means SS-DL (Single sided dual layered with max capacity of 8.5GB). Consumers in China get used to this term and misunderstand that DVD-9 means superior. To please Chinese consumers, DVD distributors put DVD-9 logo on their SS-DL products to indicate that the disc inside is indeed a DVD-9 format. DVD-9 has nothing to do with piracy. A pirated disc without DVD-9 logo is still pirated. The terms DVD-9, DVD-5 are being used worldwide. Many R3 and R2 European discs have this term printed on the back.

If a Warner DVD, a Universal DVD or a Paramount DVD from China is not distributed by CAV Warner, it is fake.

Legitimated DVDs in China carry SID codes, there are usually 2 SID codes on one disc, Replication SID (must exist) and Mastering SID (optional). If a DVD doesn't carry Replication SID, it is against the law and is considered as 100% pirated.

Sony DADC http://sonydadc.com.cn is a world-class disc manufacturer located in Shanghai. Sony DADC in China is managed by overseas headquarter, together with Sony Music's Hong Kong, India and Australia disc factories to create a network cover the Asia region. Quality control, material purchase and intellectual property protection are controlled under strict International Standard. In China, they only deal with reputable companies such as EA Games, Sony Music, CAV Warner, Excel Media, and Microsoft etc.

Most CAV Warner discs get mastered and replicated at Sony DADC.
Sony DADC's mastering SID is LC20, Replication SID is ranging from X410 to X421. When you read the SID code that mould on the inner ring of a disc and see “IFPI X4xx� then you know that it is a genuine disc made by Sony DADC.




Excel Media (Homepage: excelmedia.net)
Established in 2003 and was purchased by a Taiwanese company Deltamac (share: 68%) in 2005. Deltamac is a leading R3 DVD distributor in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Excel Media started release Sony Pictures R6 DVD from Jan 2005. At the beginning, many Excel Media's™ Sony Pictures DVD have quality problem But now their products are in good shape.

Excel Media specializes in creating DTS soundtrack. DTS Company authorized Excel Media to produce the Official DTS Demo Disc 1 and Demo Disc 2 for Greater China region for two consecutive years. Many Sony Pictures R6 DVD have DTS soundtrack added by Excel Media. They release DVDs in two editions, DVD-5 standard edition, DVD-9 special edition and occasionally limited edition. Below is the limited edition of R6 Open Season DVD with exclusive English DTS Discrete soundtrack (Full Bitrate).



R6 Sony Pictures DVDs once flood the Singapore disc market because Singapore is a parallel import friendly country. Sony was not happy about that and requested Excel Media to include Chinese medical advertisements in the beginning of every Sony Pictures R6 DVD. Singapore prohibits medical advertisments through any means. Sony Pictures R6 DVDs then disappear from Singapore market for more than a year. Recently this order has been relaxed, no ad on DVD-9 edition so R6 Spiderman 3 DTS DVD hit Singapore again. Most Sony R6 DVDs use Sony DADC disc.

Spider-man 3 DTS 1-Disc edition is on the left, RRP(USD) 3.5 (in Mainland China); USD 4.5 (in Hong Kong); USD 8.2 (in Singapore); USD 6.5 (in Malaysia)
On the right is the DTS 2-Disc edition, RRP(USD) 4.5 (in Mainland China), more expensive in other countries


After CAV Thakral closedown their DVD business in Sept 2006. Excel Media takes over CAV Thakral's BVHE/Disney/Touchstone and BBC business. Recently, Disney has redesigned their DVD packing and has removed DVD-9 logo from their new products. It doesn't mean that they now use DVD-5. Most of the Disney R6 discs are still DVD-9 (SS-DL) and are Sony DADC discs.

RRP(USD) 2.30 (in mainland China); USD 4.50 (in Hong Kong); USD 9.00 (in Singapore); USD 6.00 (in Malaysia)



Previous Disney R6 DVD from CAV Thakral


Sony Pictures DVDs, Buena Vista Home Entertainment DVDs, Disney DVDs, Touchstone DVDs and BBC DVDs from China must be distributed by Excel Meida (or by CAV Thakral previously)

Zoke Culture Fox

In Nov 2006, Fox Home Video partnered with Zoke Culture to form Zoke Culture Fox and to start Fox R6 DVD business in China for the second time.

In the old days, Fox R6 DVDs were released by CAV Thakral but the quality was not so good.


Fox teamed up with Zoke Culture to fulfill the Chinese Regulation of Publication. Zoke Culture Fox was completely independent from Zoke Culture.
Fox Home Video in charge everything from cover design to DVD production. Fox had setup a new office in Guangzhou for the Home Video business. Fox use Sony DADC disc for all their R6 DVD product.

Fox said that they are willing to adopt CAV Warner's™ strategy. Fast release + low price and moreover, Fox will target customers who want high quality product.

Ref: http://english.mofcom.gov.cn/aarticle/newsrelease/commonnews/200611/20061103738949.html

Fox R6 DVDs are available in two editions, DVD-5 with Dolby 5.1 (RRP 20 Yuan or USD 2.7) and DVD-9 with DTS soundtrack (RRP 30 Yuan or USD 4.0)


After Fox had released 4 titles in December 2006. Zoke Culture's local Chinese business was suspended by the authority for misconduct. Thus, Zoke Culture Fox was also forced to stop operate. Fox's plan for the year 2007 was completely ruined. DVD fans are disappointed for not having X-Men 3. The contract between Fox and Zoke Culture will end by 2007. Fox is now seeking a new Chinese partner.

Opus Meida (homepage: opusmedia.cn)
This company conducts good buisness practice and specialize in independent films and sub-licensed releases, such as Fly Boys.

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Postby David_Chen » 20 Oct 2007 16:28

Part 3 DVDs in the grey zone

The Copyright Law in China is far from perfect and has loopholes. Unethical businessmen take this chance to make profits. As the Chinese Copyright Law does not protect old publications, many oldies can be legally published by anyone without paying one cent to the copyright holders or their inheritors.

From the point of view of American filmmakers, these DVDs are bootlegs. However, they are legitimated releases in China and can be sold in the public across the nation. These oldies are published under the name of Public Domain. Public Domain means copyrights that belong to the public. Public Domain exists everywhere but its definition is somewhat different.

In 2007, Public Domain in USA means:
- Publications before 1923
- Publications from 1923 1977 without a public notice and without a subsequent registration

Public Domain in China means:
- Anything 20 years ago with some unclear conditions

Those Chinese Public Domain DVDs are always replicated at the second grade or even third grade disc factories that occasionally produce pirated disc and have people to scratch away the replication SID code. Lower grade DVDs usually don't carry a Mastering SID.

The true authentic R6 oldies DVDs in China are those released by CAV Warner. They are Region 6, and carry both Replication SID and Mastering SID. Most of them are Sony DADC discs.

Authentic Ben Hur R6 DVDs from CAV Warner. The one on the left is the Silver 2-disc edition and the one on the right is the 4-disc 3kg Special Edition.


This is one of the Public Domain versions of Ben Hur. There're more than 10 in the market but this one is the most popular one (direct copy from R3 disc).
Distributed by BoYing, the king of Public Domain DVDs. Their website is trboy.com


Gone With The Wind R6 4-Disc Special Edition from CAV Warner; the small pic shows two examples of the public domain versions, one by BoYing and the other by Zoke Culture.


Authentic CAV Warner DVD (Left) vs Public Domain versions (Right)



CAV Warner R6 Tom & Jerry vs Public Domain version from BoYing


CAV Warner R6 Tom & Jerry vs Two less popular public domain versions


CAV Warner R6 Psycho DVD


Public domain release of Psycho from BoYing (Direct copy from R3)


Question: Are those oldies DVDs from China original?
Answer: They are all legitmated releases in China and can be sold openly in the public. However, only those Region 6 releases from CAV Warner are turely authentic.

Question: Hayao Miyazaki's™ DVD on Chinese DVD website, they are Region All, are they original?
Answer: No! During the Copyright Law reveiw in 2000. Xia Men Yin Xiang, a publisher, registered at the authority and claimed to be the copyright holder of Hayao Miyazaki's video in China. And start distributing Hayao Miyazaki's video through Zoke Culture. The content was actually copied from a notorious Asian bootleg (with that famous "A" appears on screen throughout the show), the transfer is based on Laser Disc. Later, BoYing also released Hayao Miyazaki's video by direct copy from IVL R3.

Note: Ghibli did authorize CAV Thakral Home Entertainment to release their video product (under licensed from Buena Vista):

Laputa: Castle In The Sky (VCD Only)
Only Yesterday (VCD Only)
Pom Poko (VCD Only)
Princess Mononoke (VCD Only)
Kiki's Delivery Service (VCD Only)
Totoro (VCD Only)
Spirited Away (VCD Only)
The Cat Returns (VCD Only)
Howl's Moving Castle (VCD and R6 DVD)

Therefore, excpet Howl's Moving Castle R6 DVD from CAV Thakral, all Ghibli DVD from China are not authentic releases

The Chinese copyright law has loopholes, the rights owner never come to China to file a lawsuit and the fake owner said they own the copyright. So by default, those fake Ghibli DVDs are legitimated releases in China too and can be sold in the public nationwide.

CAV Thakral has quit the DVD business in 2006. Now Excel Media takes charge to release Buena Vista titles. Excel Media has plan to release authentic R6 Ghibli DVDs in year 2008.

Original Ghibli VCD from CAV Thakral Home Entertainment,
from left to right, Spirited Away VCD Japanese version, The Cat Returns VCD, Spirated Away VCD Mandarin version.


Authentic R6 Ghibli DVD Howl's Moving Castle from CAV Thakral Home Entertainment (Sony DADC discs)


Public domain / grey zone / fake or whatever you like to call, but they are legitimated releases in China. Distributed by BoYing, Zoke Culture and few others

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Postby David_Chen » 22 Oct 2007 11:05

Summary: If you are EXTREMELY concern about not buying counterfiet, public domain releases then the only international movies R6 DVDs that you can buy are those distributed by EXCEL MEDIA, CAV WARNER and CAV THAKRAL.
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Postby David_Chen » 22 Oct 2007 12:00

Part 4 TV Shows

Are US TV shows DVDs from China all pirated?

Answer: Demand for US TV shows in China is low. The majority do not watch US TV shows often. A lot of Chinese in mainland China not even watched one US TV show in their entire life. Most US TV shows DVD from China are pirated and are made for export.

However, authorised US TV shows DVDs and VCDs DO exist in China although very few titles are available.

The most popular US TV show in China so far is Band of Brothers that aired on national TV and caught some attention.

For the last 10 years, US TV shows get officially released in China are:

Note: US TV shows here means those Friends, Nip/Tuck, CSI type of shows not documentaries

Following titles had been released from CAV Thakral:
The X Files Season 1 and Season 2 (VCD only, Fox)
24 Season 1 and 2 (VCD only, Fox)
Band Of Brothers (R6 DVD only, DVD-10, Warner)
Desperate Housewives Season 1 (R6 DVD only, Buena Vista)

CAV Warner Home Entertainment has released the following titles:
Band Of Brothers (R6 DVD, reprint CAV Thakral's™ version, DVD-10)
La Femme Nikita Season 1 (R6 DVD)
Kung Fu Season 1 (R6 DVD)
Growing Pain Season 1 (R6 DVD)
Band Of Brothers DTS Tin Box Edition (R6 DVD, New version with DTS, DVD-9)

Except Band Of Brothers, all other US shows sales very poor. And CAV Warner has no plan to release second season.

On the list above, there might be 2 or 3 more titles I miss out but anyway, other than those listed above, all US TV show DVDs from China can be sure pirated.

Gallery of few authentic US TV shows in China

La femme Nikita S1 from CAV Warner

Q: How to tell that it is a genuine release?
A: First you see that little red flower label at the bottom, it is the label of one of the three CAV license tags (see Part 2 for detail). On the back you see standard CAV Warner layout (All R6 Warner discs have this similar layout) and the CAV Warner Home Entertainment logo is somewhere on the back too. If you want to further confirm that it is genuine, check the discs, they should carry Sony DADC mastering SID and replication SID, that is LC20 and X4xx (ranging from X410 to X422).

Image Image

CAV Thakral's Band Of Brothers (R6, DVD-10, released in Oct 2004)

Image Image

On the right is CAV Warner's first release in 2005. It is just a reprint of previous CAV Thakral version. Still DVD-10 format.

On the left is the New DTS R6 Tin Box version released in 2006.
It comes with great features and DTS soundtrack and in digipack. A prize claim form is included in the box set, you may choose a compass or a T-shirt, they both US import, send the form back to CAV Warner in Shanghai by April 2007 to receive the product you chose. RRP for Tin Box DTS R6 edition is USD 27, and the low price version is being sold at USD 11.





Growing Pains R6 DVD (Warner kid yellow label). The show was the first US TV show aired on national TV.

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Postby David_Chen » 24 Oct 2007 10:22

Part 5: Chinese Bootlegs

Chinese piracy issues are complicated and more or less involved corrupted regional authorities. The leaders of bootleggers will never get caught.

Todays Chinese bootleggers use the best video/audio materials found on earth to compose a pirated DVD. They are not kids burning DVD-R at home like those in the West. They are dominating the market and professional. They have their own brand name. Bootleggers compete with each other. A typical pirated disc is like this, R1 video + R2 bonus features + R3 DTS + R6 mandarin dubbing + OST.

Most Chinese DVD forums devote their contents to brand bootlegs (high class bootlegs). Things slightly improved recently, authentic DVDs also get a small column in those forums. Below is a quality bootleg of Band Of Brothers. This bootleg is a copy of Korean R3 Military Set Edition.

Original Korean R3 Military Set: Only Dolby 5.1 and Dolby 2.0 soundtrack available
Chinese bootleg: DTS 5.1 (rip from R1) and Dolby 5.1

The first one is the Chinese fake and the second one is the original Korean R3 military set



The Government has released guidelines to identify bootlegs, such as -
ISRC code system (a useless system developed by the Chinese authority), a disc does not carry a replication SID code must be pirated etc.

Legitimated releases also include fake
In China, reputable video stores or online shops do not carry pirated discs (hardcore bootlegs). However, read part 3, there are many DVDs in the grey zone. They are fake by our standard but considered legitimated under the Chinese copyright law, shops DO NOT filter out this kind of fake.

In Part 2 "Today's Authentic R6 DVDs", I emphasized that top DVD distributors, all of them are half foreign owned and foreign managed, prefer to get their disc done at Sony DADC in order to outstanding themselves from those local fakes. Sony DADC has strict standard on IP protection and do not do business with most of the local Chinese DVD distributors.

Here are two "Superman 3" DVDs. Both are legitimated releases in China. The one on the left is the authentic release from CAV Warner, the one on the right, is a fake from a distributor I never heard of. I've check it out and found that it is related to GD Face because the wrapping plastic paper has GD Face logo. GD Face is a legit Chinese distributor released Yimou Zhang's "Hero" DVD years ago. "Superman 3" is over 20 years old and might be considered a Public Domain publication under certain conditions.


When you shop at reputable video stores, Carrefour, Wal-mart, Xin Hua Bookshops. You don't see hardcore bootlegs there but have to take caution to avoid grey zone fakes, use the guidelines aboved.
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Postby David_Chen » 25 Oct 2007 10:25

Question: R6 DVDs use PAL or NTSC?
Answer: Both. More PAL then NTSC. TV sets sold in China are multi-systems and play both perfectly. Analog TV broadcasting in China uses PAL.

Here is the end and thank you for reading !!
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Postby David_Chen » 22 Nov 2007 19:15

Corrections and Updates:

CAV Warner officially released their first DVD in China was in Nov 2004 not early 2005.


The Paper Sleeve Edition DVD should be renamed as Simple Pack edition (the official English term for the $1.5 disc in paper sleeve without a case )


Recently, CAV Warner has some of their discs manufactured by Shanghai UOD, a sino-japanese joint venture, China Record + Mitsubishi + Memory-Tech + Daiichi Kosho. Shanghai UOD is a first class disc manufacturer just like Sony DADC.


SID codes for a UOD disc:
IFPI LC10 (Mastering)
IFPI Y100 - Y12x (Replication)


Chinese subtitles arrangement in CAV Warner discs...
(FYI only and subject to change without notice.)

Warner international titles
- Previous CAV Thakral releases (all NTSC): Forced subtitles on English track
- CAV Warner reprint by using Thakral's master (all NTSC): Forced subtitles on English track
- First time new releases (mostly PAL): Imprinted subtitles
- First time classic (PAL or NTSC): optional subtitles or forced subtitles on English track

Warner local Chinese productions
- Optional subtitles

Overseas independent productions
- Special arrangement

Warner Special Limited Edition
- New international titles: Imprinted subtitles
- Classic: Optional subtitles or special arrangement

Warner kid yellow label
- Special arrangement

Special features in Gold Edition
- Optional subtitles on/off

Universal titles
- Most titles: Optional subtitles
- Barbie series: Optional subtitles or special arrangement

Paramount/Dreamworks titles
- Optional subtitles on/off
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Re: A Guide to Chinese DVDs (authentic, bootleg and grey zone)

Postby David_Chen » 08 Jul 2008 15:42

News update:

Fox has a deal with Excel Media.
Fox R6 DVDs will be available through Excel Media distributions in China from July, 2008.

Each title will be available in 2 to 3 editions.
Fox will name their R6 DVDs in a way that familiar with Chinese consumers, that is, disc capacity.
Here from left to right...
They are...

Standard edition (DVD-5 or DVD-9)
DVD9 edition (Dual-layered disc DVD9) (DTS full bit-rate)
Two disc edition (DVD9 x 2 or D9 + D5) (DTS full bit-rate)

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Re: A Guide to Chinese DVDs (authentic, bootleg and grey zone)

Postby Adrian_Busby » 18 Jun 2009 09:44

David_Chen wrote:#1 New Line has joined CAV Warner and start to release R6 DVD in China last year, the first title released is Golden Compass (Dec, 2008)
#2 Warner Bros. R6 DVD no longer carry burnt-in or forced Chinese subtitles began from the release of "Get Smart" (April 2009). At the same time, R6 Warner Bros. DVD world premiere release plan has been cancelled.
#3 Blu-ray discs and CBHD (China's own HD format) both avaiable.

Bootleggers go advance, I've found fake R6 discs in the market. Some of them have fake SID code on discs.

#1 Fake CAV Thakral DVDs, CAV Thakral has closed down their business in 2006. There are bootleggers use the company logo to release fake Fox DVDs and export to overseas (probably South East Asia).
#2 Fake Excel Media DVDs, direct duplication of Excel Media R6 DVDs (DVD9 digipack editions) using lower quality packaging, discs carry fake SID, and probably export to overseas (South East Asia).

Suggestion: Buy R6 discs from reliable sources only.
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