Pleasantville R1 UPDATED

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Pleasantville R1 UPDATED

Postby James-Masaki_Ryan » 07 Jul 2018 11:26

Someone do this one for me please:
"Pleasantville" (1998) (DVD) UPDATE
Platinum Series Edition
R1 America - New Line Home Entertainment

Commentary with (writer/director) Gary Ross
Color Television Set-Up (0:40)
The Art of Pleasantville (32:24)
Fiona Apple - "All Across the Universe" (music video) (4:28)
Storyboard artwork gallery (20 Images)
Cast and crew biographies:
- Toby Maguire (4 Pages)
- Jeff Daniels (9 Pages)
- Joan Allen (6 Pages)
- William H. Macy (11 Pages)
- Resse Witherspoon (4 Pages)
- J.T. Walsh (9 Pages)
- Don Knotts (7 Pages)
- Gary Ross (8 Pages)
- Randy Newman (7 Pages)
TV Spots (I cannot find this anywhere on the disc)
Theatrical Trailer (2:29)
- Storyboards (128 Gifs)
Type Case: Snapper Case

Running Time (124:26)

Cap-a-holic link: ... 129&c=2095
DVDBeaver link:…/DVDReviews31/pleasantville.htm

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