Depeche Mode - 101

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Depeche Mode - 101

Postby André_Jølsen » 06 Jan 2022 12:03

Hello all,

I want to buy 101, Depeche Mode's concert number 101.

I own it on CD, but I would like to get the blu-ray.

Here is the blu-ray editions: ... ?fid=59497
If I buy the blu-ray edition I miss out on the audio commentary and the content on the second DVD.

I thought to my self: the cheapest way to get the video content is to buy the blu-ray and the double DVD set.
The only thing, here it says "The South American NTSC release for the proper transfer." ... ?fid=55497
Does anyone have some info on the transfer differences? When i look at the specs - the only difference is the subtitles.
The DVD's are listed on this page: ... ?fid=59497 - but I cant see any info on the transfer difference here.

I wonder if the transfer is any different on the DVD's
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Re: Depeche Mode - 101

Postby James-Masaki_Ryan » 10 Feb 2022 00:43

The PAL discs use an NTSC to PAL transfer, so the music sounds fine but the framerate is wrong, issuing in ghosting of the image.
Bets to get an NTSC release like the South American one I have or the US release which I assume is identical in content.

Also, transfer-wise it is a new transfer on the Blu-ray release.
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