Death Game Blu-ray UPDATED

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Death Game Blu-ray UPDATED

Postby Åsmund_Utvik » 25 Apr 2022 20:53

Title:Death Game (Blu-ray) (1977)
Releasing Studio:Grindhouse
Case Type:
Aspect Ratio:
Subtitles (are they optional?y):
Cuts: No cuts
Theatrical Trailer (2:41) [1080P]
(in english, no subtitles)
Little Miss Innocence
Notes:Comes with a liner notes booklet "Death Game, Replayed" by David Szulkin (24 pages)
Extra in 1080P
Extra in english, no subtitles
Easter Eggs:Arrow up at Special Features, then you see a head over play with 2 flowers ... disc-1.png
"Cast Care" 1985 short film by Peter S. Traynor for the USC Medical Center (17:22) [480i]
Amazon ASIN (UK, French, German, USA releases only):
Source:*Own it

(Bonus Movie)

Title:Little Miss Innocence (Teenage Innocence)
Releasing Studio:Grindhouse Releasing
Case Type:Keep Case
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Codec: AVC MPEG-4
Picture: 1080P
Soundtracks:English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Subtitles:No subtitles
Cuts: No cuts (72:09)
Easter Eggs:
Amazon ASIN (UK, French, German, USA releases only):
Source:*Own it

"Ruthless: The Peter Traynor Story" 2022 documentary (109:39) [1080P]
"Colleen Camp: In the Moment" 2022 interview (60:35) [1080P]
Audio interview with Sondra Locke by Mike White:
- Short version (14:42) [1080P]
- Uncut version (44:07) [480i]
"Game Changers" 2022 interview with producer Larry Spiegel and cinematographer-editor David Worth (44:49) [1080P]
"A Tale of Two Scripts" 2022 interview with writer Michael Ronald Ross (44:10) [1080P]
Still Galleries:
- Production Stills (25 images)
- Director Peter S. Traynor (25 images)
- Promotional Materials (23 imges)
- VHS Releases (9 images)
- Grindhouse Releasing Cover Concepts (44 images)
Grindhouse Releasing Trailer Reel: [1080P]
(no play all, it start with the first and second one and so on)
- Hollywood 90028 (1:39)
- Scum of the Earth (2:11)
- Love is Deep Inside (1:34)
- Ice House (2:39)
- Family Enforcer (1:47)
- Cannibal Holocaust (1:26)
- Cannibal Ferox (2:45)
- Massacre Mafia Style (2:18)
- Gone with the Pope (2:00)
- Pieces (0:32)
- The Beyond (3:26)
- Cat in the Brain (1:57)
- An American Hippie in Israel (3:01)
- Corruption (2:05)
- The Swimmer (2:42)
- The Big Gundown (2:12)
- I Drink Your Blood (2:49)
- Captive Female (2:10)
- The Tough Ones (3:20)
- Impulse (1:19)

Notes: Extra in english, no subtitles
All extra 1080P, exception mentioned
Easter egg:
(1.) Lincoln-Mercury promo (5:25) ... -egg-1.png, Arrow Right
(2.) "Why Stitches are Necessary" USC Medical Center short by Traynor (11:04)
(under interviews see picture Arrow write ... er-egg.png)
(3.) Michael Ross anecdote about Knock Knock (1:40)
(Right arrow when highlighning "A Tale of Two Scripts" 2022 interview with writer Michael Ronald Ros
(4.) Colleen Camp's commercial modelling work
(called show Tubes, 1 pictures, called super muff on the menu)
(Arrow left) ... -egg-4.png

(5.) ... -egg-5.png "Passion Pit" trailer (2:32)
(arrow left)
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Re: Death Game Blu-ray

Postby James-Masaki_Ryan » 25 Apr 2022 23:57

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