Land of the Dead 2005 DVD ADDED

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Land of the Dead 2005 DVD ADDED

Postby Åsmund_Utvik » 23 May 2022 13:17

Title:Land of the Dead 2005
Releasing Studio:Universal
Case Type:Keep Case
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
PAL or NTSC?:Pal
Soundtracks:English Dolby Digital 5.1, Hungarian Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles (are they optional?Yes)English HoH, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish
Cuts: No cuts (92:53)
Commentaries:Audio commentary with director/writer George A. Romero, co-producer Peter Grunwald, and editor Michael Doherty.
"Undead Again: The Making of Land of the Dead" - featurette (12:57)
"A Day with the Living Dead" - featurette (7:35)
"Bringing the Dead to Life" - featurette (9:32)
"The Remaining Bits" - featurette (2:57)
"When Shaun Met George" - featurette (13:00)
"Scenes of Carnage" - featurette (1:44)
"Zombie Effects: From Green Screen to Finished Scene" - featurette (3:19)
"Bringing the Storyboards to Life" - featurette (7:56)
"Scream Tests: Zombie Casting Call" - featurette [CGI-zombies] (1:05)
Bonus Trailers: "King Kong" (2:29) and "The Skeleton Key" (2:19)
Notes:Subtitles on extra(are they optional?Yes)English, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish
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Re: Land of the Dead 2005 DVD

Postby James-Masaki_Ryan » 24 May 2022 00:26

Thank you. Added.
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