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In the late 1990s, DVD was taking off in a big way and most homes now have at least one DVD player. As DVD grew in popularity, consumers in the UK were regularly left disappointed that people in the USA were getting films released on DVD earlier (normally at the same time as they came out at the cinema over here) plus the discs themselves were usually better than their UK counterparts often with more extra features included. So that is where Rewind came to fruition.

Rewind was launched in November 1999 and has grown steadily over the years. The concept of the site was simple: to allow for people to search for a film and to see which DVD region had the best version. For the first time, people could instantly search across thousands of titles and compare the picture/sound quality and extra features across all available versions whether they were for Region 1 (America/Canada), Region 2 (Europe) or Region 4 (Australia/New Zealand) and the site now includes all regions.

For the first 2 years, the site was run by just one individual but there is now a full team working behind the scenes ensuring the site remains the best of its kind. Rewind has come from nothing to being one of the most successful and well known DVD sites around. Rewind regularly receives comments and praise from DVD enthusiasts and the DVD press. This site was the first to have a full R1 vs R2 Comparison Database which later expanded to cover all regions due to the overwhelming success of the original database. Rewind is now home to the largest and most accurate Multi-Region Comparison Database anywhere on the Internet.

With the advent of high definition technology, Rewind hasn't stood still and has embraced this new evolution in home viewing and now incorporates a separate Blu-Ray database. We even have a section dedicated to the now defunct HD-DVD platform too.

Buying DVDs/Blu-Rays is an expensive hobby. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. If you have a multi-region or region free DVD player, check Rewind before you make a DVD purchases. By checking Rewind regularly you can receive guidance on helping you buy the best possible version of your chosen title. Don't forget to read the Rewind Disclaimer before you use the site.

From this site, you can access the normal comparisons and a community forum area where Rewind visitors can request comparisons and let us know of a correction. ONLY Rewind offers all of this and we offer it ALL for FREE! As we do offer this for nothing, please help support the site and when you come to buy your products use the links to retailers found around this site directly.

In addition to our renowned comparison database, we also have hundreds of full reviews of films, TV programmes and music discs with new titles being added every week.


So who brings you this amazing Internet resource? Who makes sure you receive the most reliable comparison information on the Internet? Who makes sure you buy the correct version of a DVD?! We do. Who are we? Find out below.

Noor Razzak

Title: Site Administrator
Age: 45
Joined: December 2002
Forum Username: Noor_Razzak

Noor is a filmmaker from New Zealand. His film credits include: director of the short film "Echoes", writer/director of the short film "Angry Samoans" and "Dreamer" a new animated project which will be doing festival circuits in 2006-2007. He is also the director for the sketch comedy website Rhinoradar which he collaborates with New Zealands finest stand-up comics. Aside from producing films, he enjoys watching and collecting DVDs from around the world as well as Laserdiscs and collects movie memorabilia from films such as Star Wars, Robocop, the Alien films and Predator.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Akira
  2. Memento
  3. High School Big Shot
  4. Terminator 2: Judgment Day AKA T2: Judgment Day AKA T2
  5. Fight Club

Ulrich Christensen

Title: Developer / Site Maintainer / Owner
Age: 43
Joined: March 2015
Forum Username: Ulrich_Christensen

Ulrich enjoys watching movies, drinking wine and writing computer code. He has an ever-growing collection of DVDs/Blu-rays.
He is a long-time user and contributor of the site (under a different username), who later joined the team (in 2015) as a Technical Adviser and has since then served as Developer/Maintainer for the site.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Die Hard
  2. Back To The Future
  3. Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan AKA Star Trek: II The Wrath of Khan
  4. Raiders of the Lost Ark AKA Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
  5. Aliens

Eric Cotenas

Title: Site Assistant / News Editor
Age: 44
Joined: December 2012
Forum Username: Eric_Cotenas

Eric resides in sunny California and has been reviewing DVDs since the mid-2000s (becoming a regular reviewer at DVDBeaver in 2007 and DVD Drive-In in 2010). His interests are primarily horror/cult films but have diversified since he started covering more labels. He holds a Masters Degree in Anthropology (his thesis analyzed a selection of ethnographic films through a narrative film semiotic framework). Check out his Cineventures blog for review link updates or his Review Link Archive Index.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Dolce Vita (La) AKA The Sweet Life
  2. Evil Dead (The) AKA Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead AKA Book of the Dead
  3. Halloween AKA John Carpenter's Halloween
  4. Fog (The) AKA John Carpenter's The Fog
  5. Zombie AKA Zombie Flesh Eaters AKA Zombi 2 AKA Zombies 2

James-Masaki Ryan

Title: Site Assistant / Social Media Coordinator
Age: 44
Joined: November 2014
Forum Username: James-Masaki_Ryan

James has always liked movies since he was a child, but after watching Akira Kurosawas “Seven Samurai” as a teenager, he then understood the meaning of cinema as an art form. He currently has a very large collection of DVDs and Blu-rays of various genres and various regions, and just cannot seem to stop collecting.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Seven Samurai AKA Shichinin no samurai (Blu-ray)
  2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Blu-ray)
  3. Tokyo Story AKA Tôkyô monogatari (Blu-ray)
  4. Dawn of the Dead AKA Zombi AKA Zombies
  5. My Neighbor Totoro AKA My Neighbour Totoro AKA Tonari no totoro (Blu-ray)

Adrian Busby

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 50
Joined: July 2001
Forum Username: Adrian_Busby

Adrian works as an IT Developer for Cornwall County Council. He is a huge horror film enthusiast and has worked his way up to Site Manager since he joined the site when it was still a baby in 2001. He produced a special feature for the Halloween series back in 2002 (which even he admits desperately needs updating.

Adrian also has a choice of Classic Comparisons here.

Top 5 releases:

  1. Halloween AKA John Carpenter's Halloween
  2. Evil Dead II AKA Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
  3. Wizard of Oz (The)
  4. American Werewolf in London (An)
  5. 28 Days Later...

Jari Kovalainen

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 50
Joined: July 2003
Forum Username: Jari_Kovalainen

Jari lives in Helsinki, Finland. He has been a "movie buff" for pretty much all of his life, and is now a DVD collector as much as a movie fan generally. His movie taste includes films in all genres (Horror, Euro, US, Mainstream, etc.), but has a special relationship with Horror and underground films in general, and guesses this is his "thing" in Rewind. Jari works as a tv/video cameraman, mainly in the Helsinki area, and has had several productions along the way. Now he mainly does news work and some sport coverage. And he does not own a dog!

See Jari has a choice of classic comparisons here.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Eraserhead
  2. Godfather Trilogy (The) AKA Godfather DVD Collection (The)
  3. Band of Brothers (mini-series)
  4. Alphaville AKA Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution
  5. Adventures of Robin Hood (The)

Rob Hunt

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 37
Joined: June 2004
Forum Username: Rob_Hunt

Rob is from Southampton, in the UK. An enthusiastic supporter of the format (and with a high amount of knowledge on it), he is passionate about both films and DVDs. Currently enjoying his time as a relaxed student at Southampton University, reading Maths, he has a fair bit of free time which he spends on various things such as reading up on subjects he is unskilled in (ie. Biology/Chemistry, Philosophy and Theology), marathon-viewing TV series, church youth and student activities and, of course, Rewind. Recently, he has begun thinking about how to experiment with his own filmmaking, which may or may not prove to be a worthy accomplishment (time will tell!). His favourite films are Dramas, Thrillers and Warner Brothers classics.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Gladiator
  2. Lion King (The)
  3. Pearl Harbor
  4. Metropolis
  5. High School Big Shot

Frank Vincent

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 46
Joined: April 2005
Forum Username: Frank_Vincent

Frank is from Helmond, The Netherlands. He does not have a job right now, but is looking for one. His biggest hobbies are collecting soundtracks (he has over 700 CDs) and about 800 DVDs. He also does some volunteer work for a few hours a month.

Top 5 releases:
  1. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
  2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  3. Dark Crystal (The)
  4. Labyrinth
  5. Goonies (The)

Paul Lewis

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 46
Joined: January 2008
Forum Username: Paul_Lewis

Paul teaches English and Film Studies at university level in the UK and is also currently working towards the completion of his PhD thesis on the American films of Paul Verhoeven. He has several favourite genres, and is particularly fond of the Western genre, enjoying both American Westerns and European Westerns. He also has a long-standing interest in films noir, European thrillers and horror pictures, and popular British genre cinema and television. Straight-to-video action flicks and zombie pictures are his guilty pleasures.

He lives in anticipation of the day when The Friends of Eddie Coyle will be released on DVD.

Top 5 releases:

  1. Yakuza (The) AKA Brotherhood of the Yakuza
  2. Ulzana's Raid
  3. Dawn of the Dead AKA Zombi AKA Zombies
  4. Straw Dogs
  5. Revolver AKA Blood in the Streets AKA La poursuite implacable AKA Die perfekte Erpressung AKA AKA In the Name of Love

Vincent Bouché

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 47
Joined: December 2008
Forum Username: Vincent_Bouche

Vincent was born in Champagne, France and now lives close to Paris. He has been collecting movies since he was 12...and has never stopped! With a growing collection of over 1300 discs, he watches almost anything but particularly enjoys Asian movies.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Halloween AKA John Carpenter's Halloween
  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  3. Killer (The) AKA Die Xue Shuang Xiong AKA Just Heroes AKA Bloodshed Of Two Heroes
  4. Vertigo
  5. Requiem for a Dream

Nigel Badnell

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 65
Joined: November 2009
Forum Username: Nigel_Badnell

Nigel is a mathematician masquerading as a physicist who works on diagnostic processes in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas. He was born in the south of England but lived in America for a number of years before moving in Glasgow where he now lives and works. His favourite genre is Science Fiction, favourite period is 1960s/70s and his guilty pleasures are Jess Franco & Jean Rollin. And he will take the 5th Amendment if asked how many DVDs he owns!

Top 5 releases:
  1. Naked Lunch
  2. Night Porter (The) AKA Il portiere di notte AKA Portier de nuit
  3. Blade Runner
  4. Killing of Sister George (The)
  5. Mulholland Dr. AKA Mulholland Drive

Anthony DiPaola

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 33
Joined: January 2011
Forum Username: Anthony_DiPaola

Anthony is a DVD collector who resides in Harrington Park, New Jersey, USA. Hes been a fan of DVDs since 2003 and has been a collector ever since. His favourite films are the Star Wars saga, anything in the horror genre (Halloween, Evil Dead, etc.), Kevin Smith films and anything animated.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope AKA Star Wars
  2. Phantasm AKA Never Dead (The)
  3. Evil Dead (The) AKA Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead AKA Book of the Dead
  4. Child's Play

Mark Meakin

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 55
Joined: November 2012
Forum Username: Mark_Meakin

Mark enjoys movies (obviously, given he is a keen contributor to the site) but also takes an avid interest in censorship too. He also enjoys reading when he is not watching films!

Top 5 releases:
  1. 007 - Licence To Kill
  2. Exorcist (The)
  3. Omen (The)
  4. Thing (The) AKA John Carpenter's The Thing
  5. Jaws

Ain Uussaar

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 46
Joined: November 2014
Forum Username: Ain_Uussaar

Ain lives in Tallinn, Estonia. He has been a fan of films & TV shows all his life and been collecting since the dark days of VHS. Currently his collection is at 2200+ discs. He enjoy all genres but favourites are action, comedy and westerns. He has seen more films than some people see in ten lifetimes.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Alien (Blu-ray)
  2. Lord of the Rings (The): The Fellowship of the Ring (Blu-ray)
  3. Lord of the Rings (The): The Two Towers (Blu-ray)
  4. Lord of the Rings (The): The Return of the King (Blu-ray)
  5. Band of Brothers (Mini-Series) (Blu-ray)

Rick Curzon

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 57
Joined: December 2016
Forum Username: Rick_Curzon

Teacher. Film fan. Team member.

Top 5 releases:


Mikael Pitkänen

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 47
Joined: January 2019
Forum Username: Mikael_Pitkänen

Born and raised in Finland. Various hobbies include movies, home theater, spending time in garage, traveling, spending time with friends and family. Collecting movies started during VHS era and is still going strong.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Léon AKA Leon: The Professional (Blu-ray 4K)
  2. Requiem for a Dream (Blu-ray)
  3. Aliens (Blu-ray)
  4. Amélie AKA Amélie from Montmartre AKA Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amélie Poulain AKA The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain (Blu-ray)
  5. American Beauty (Blu-ray)

Vincent Prendergast

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 42
Joined: April 2020
Forum Username: Vincent_Prendergast

Vincent is an actor and film enthusiast from Austin, TX. He received his first DVD player for Christmas in 2000, along with his very first DVD, The Matrix. It was one of the best gifts he ever received and pushed him down the path of cinephilia and obsessive DVD collecting. After upgrading to Blu-ray in 2008, he has become devoted to that format and his collection of over 3000 discs is a fascination for anyone who visits him. His favorite films are TRON and Magnolia, and his favorite directors include Robert Altman, Jonathan Demme, Jean-Luc Godard, and Sergio Leone.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Alien (Blu-ray)
  2. Fight Club (Blu-ray)
  3. Slacker (Blu-ray)
  4. Brazil (Blu-ray)
  5. Twin Peaks: Season 1 (TV) (Blu-ray)

Matthew B. Harrah

Title: Site Assistant
Age: 37
Joined: September 2021
Forum Username: Matthew_B_Harrah

Matthew a native of California, is spec script writer, a student of TV/Film, psychology, business, and geography. He has been contributing since his first entry "Space Adventure Cobra" (1982) Blu-ray. Collecting and building up has library since childhood. In high school he was given an award in Mass Media and Film with the statement of "he is a walking encyclopedia of TV/Film".

Top 5 releases:
  1. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope AKA Star Wars
  2. Jurassic Park (Blu-ray 4K)
  3. King Kong (Blu-ray)
  4. Berserk AKA Kenpû denki beruseruku (TV) (Blu-ray)
  5. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (The) (TV) (Blu-ray)

Anthony Arrigo

Title: Reviewer
Age: 42
Joined: November 2021
Forum Username: Anthony_Arrigo

Anthony Arrigo is a film industry professional and part-time home video reviewer who does his part to ensure physical media will never die.

Top 5 releases:
  1. Once Upon a Time in the West AKA C'era una volta il West (Blu-ray)
  2. Blue Velvet (Blu-ray)
  3. Thing (The) AKA John Carpenter's The Thing (Blu-ray)
  4. Evil Dead II AKA Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (Blu-ray)
  5. Godzilla AKA Gojira AKA Godzilla 1985 AKA The Return of Godzilla

We should also note here that many 'volunteers' have come and gone over the years and the team would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their contributions to the site.


The best way to contact us is via the The Rewind Forums where you will receive a quick response from a member of The Rewind Team. If you want to personally contact Rewind, please use our feedback form.

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