Twin Peaks
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Review written by and copyright: Pat Pilon (24th November 2007).
The Show

It's strange that David Lynch says he prefers long-form stories, such as TV shows, rather than movies, given that every single one of his movies, save for 'The Straight Story', has been R rated, and this includes 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me', the movie based on the show! This means that, whatever he'd like to do wouldn't be able to be shown on network television, and probably wouldn't have the penetration and viewership to keep going. Add to that the fact that he's made many short films for his website, and this becomes even stranger.

'Twin Peaks' is an intricately-woven tapestry. Hardly an episode goes by without some strand or some sub-plot being resolved or started. There isn't one episode without continuity, and skipping an episode will throw off any casual viewer. Every episode is important and every scene has something to give to the show. That's pretty rare and it shows the thought given to every script, and to the series as whole.

When the show ends, there are some loose ends, but these were obviously left there for possible later use. However, all the sub-plots intertwine and mesh, and everything makes strange sense, even if you don't completely believe what you're seeing. By the middle of the second season, you wonder how everything is going to tie up. Nadine's strength, Leo's boot, Laura's diary, the strange Japanese guy buying Ghostwood - these are all elements of a particular puzzle and trying to piece everything together is mind-boggling.

On the flip side of that coin, everything comes together seamlessly and the case evolves organically, with the right information coming at the right time. Nothing, however, seems forced. Everything seems to flow naturally. There's a persistent, overly-noir score that keeps everything together. The strands of mysticism and spiritualism also help glue disjointed elements together.

The show isn't perfect, though. The whole Evelyn subplot doesn't really seem to lead anywhere. Even after it's over, you're left wondering why it was shot. It takes up a lot of time, but seems a rather empty. The Dale Cooper character also seems to vary in his awe and his use of dialogue. This is something picky, but I found that, in some episodes, Dale Cooper had tremendously original dialogue, but in some others, it's a lot blander. The second half of the second season also tried to re-energize the series for reasons I won't go into. The makers knew there would be a lull and they did a nice job keeping my attention.

The biggest disappointment for me is the very last few moments of the series. I suppose in some interpretations it make sense, but it, in my mind, is flat and not as thought out as the rest of the series. For a series that prides itself on implying instead of saying, the last few shots seem pretty explicit for no particular reason. One can ask 'How do you finish a show like "Twin Peaks"?', which is a good question, and a hard one to answer.

Fans of any show always have a moment that shoves them over the edge into fandom. For me, it was fairly early in the pilot. Dale Cooper and Sheriff Truman are walking in the hospital and Dale stops the Sheriff and says, 'Let me stop you here in the hallway for one second'. The inclusion of 'in the hallway' grabbed my attention and I wanted to know everything about Dale Cooper. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Trying to condense the plot in one paragraph is just absurd, because there's so much going on. I'll try to be as concise as possible. The pilot starts with the discovery of the body of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), a pretty, popular girl, and this shocks the community. For reasons that will be revealed later, the FBI gets involved. FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) comes in to investigate. He gets the help of intelligent and confident Sheriff Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean) his fellow officers, innocent and child-like Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz), brave and spiritual Hawk (Michael Horse) and the station secretary Lucy Moran (Kimmie Robertson). The city also has a gaggle of quirky citizens: Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) and her father, Ben (Richard Beymer), James Hurley (James Marshall) and his parents, Ed (Everett McGill) and Nadine (Wendie Robie), Shelly Johnson (Madchen Amick) and her husband, Leo (Eric Da Re), Norma Jennings (Peggy Lipton) and her ex-con husband Hank (Chris Mulkey), Bobby (Dana Ashbrook) an his father Major Briggs (Don Davis), Donna (Lara Flynn Boyle) and her father, Will (Warren Frost), Jocelyn Packard (Joan Chen), Pete (Jack Nance) and Catherine Martell (Piper Laurie), and Laura Palmer's parents, Leland (Ray Wise) and Sarah (Grace Zabrinskie). These characters' lives tangle and twist together in mysterious and unexpected ways.

In addition, the series has some very nice guest stars, both in front of and behind the camera. Molly Shannon, David Duchovny, Billy Zane, Heather Graham and even Ted Raimi make pre-fame appearances. Behind the camera, James Foley, Diane Keaton and Caleb Deschanel, among others, each direct an episode. Even co-creator Mark Frost lends a hand. The best episodes, however, are directed by David Lynch himself.

His strange sense of humour and weird reality definitely show through, not only in his episodes, both in the entire series. There's a fish in the percolator, apparently. With lines like 'Let me get this straight: your entire country is above the timber line?' and 'There is an epidemic of multiple gunshot wounds..." you know whose mind you're looking into.

After watching the entirety of 'Twin Peaks', I can understand why David Lynch prefers long-form storytelling. This series is eccentric, to say the least, and even if individual scenes, out of context, seem wacky and silly, in the show everything flows together. The series is ultimately about secrets. Everybody has something to keep, and looking deeper, greater and more shocking secrets are revealed. These secrets keep you coming back, and keep you glued to your television set for the entire series.

Telling you the plot in each episode is pretty pointless, given the continuity in the series, so here's what happens in each episode:

disc 1:
The Pilot
Original Version (1:18 for the Log Lady Introduction, 1:33:57) David Lynch
Laura Palmer's body found. Dale Cooper eats pie and comes to Twin Peaks. Mill shuts down. Secrets. Details everywhere.

International Version (1:30:37 + Alternate Ending (22:10), 1:52:47 total)
This is the version shown in some international markets, and it has its own ending. It's a closed ending, with 'everything' wrapped up in a nice little bow. This ending is completely inappropriate and makes no sense in relation to the pilot. I much prefer the original version, as it leads very nicely into the series. The ending, by the way, is also the ending to Episode 2.

disc 2:
Episode 1 (0:42 for the Log Lady introduciton, 46:24)
Leo and Shelly talk about laundry. Bobby and Mike talk about Leo and money. Dale interrogates James, Mike and Bobby, and talks to Jocelyn. Laura's mother's mental health degenerates (and recalls the ending of the pilot's International Version). Benjamin Horne talks to his daughter about the Norwegians. Bobby's father talks to him. The necklace.

Episode 2 (0:46, 48:10)
Benjamin's brother, Jerry, comes to visit. Jack with One Eye. Leo and Mike and Bobby talk money. Ed is sorry about what he did to Nadine's runner. Dale measures in the woods. Bobby and Shelly talk about Leo. Audrey dancing, as in a dream. Albert and his team are here. Jocelyn finds two ledgers. Leiland dances, wanting to be in a dream. Dale has a dream that fans of 'The Simpsons' will recognize.

Episode 3 (1:01, 46:52)
Audrey and Dale talk perfume. Dale's dream from Episode 2. Fight in the morgue. Madeline, Laura's cousin, visits. Ducks on the lake, talking to Leo, chopping wood. Bobby and father talk about funerals. Autopsy results. Laura Palmer's funeral. Sheriff tells some secrets to Dale. The drug trade seems healthy. Jocelyn worrying about being killed.

Episode 4 (0:42, 46:54)
Drawing sketches and a necklace. Dale talks to Dr. Jacoby about ginger. Albert and his case. One-armed man is around. Jocelyn’s in trouble. Donna and Audrey talk about Laura. Norma’s husband and the parole board. Dale has an epiphany. Shelly and Bobby and a shirt. Andy and his gun. Shelly and Norma talk men. James and Madeline Ferguson. Audrey and dad have a family moment. The cocaine connection. Pete and Jocelyn go fishing.

disc 3:
Episode 5 (0:39, 46:22)
Insane Icelanders. Jacques's past. Flesh World ad. Bobby, Shelly and a gun. Audrey gets a job. Audrey, James and Madeline investigate Laura. Hank getting in the thick of things. Bobby and his parents at counseling. A cabin in the woods. Conversation with the Log Lady. One-Eyed Jacks. Catherine and Ben burn things up. 'Bring a tape recorder.' Shelly, Leo and a gun. Someone in Dale's bed.

Episode 6 (0:47, 46:52)
Audrey's secrets. Waldo and his secrets. Secrets of the tape. Audrey learning secrets. Hank has a secret. Catherine's secret revealed. Audrey wants to give her secrets. Jocelyn and Ben's failed secret. Waldo's secrets too much. Secrets of One-Eyed Jacks. Ben and Jerry's kept secret. Jocelyn's big secret. James, Madeline and Donna have a secret. Bobby also has a secret.

Episode 7 (0:43, 46:42)
Donna and James investigate cocoanuts. Broken chip. No name, and pick a card. That crazy bird. Making their move. Jocelyn and Hank talk. Ledger story again. Someone's pregnant. Hank tries to make amends. Someone's dead. Signature. Leo. Fire. Shots. End of season one.

disc 4:
Episode 8 (1:49, 1:34:05)
Gratuity on the floor. Reference to what the Log said. Confessing regrets. 'Hell of a way to get rid of a tick.' Comatose no more. White hair. Madeline and Donna talk about last night. Sheriff and James talk about Laura. Donna sees James. The shrink and the necklace. Bobby and Shelly talk about Leo. Nadine's story. Dale wanders. Bobby and father talk about visions. Bobby remembers something. Reconstruction of the crime. Search for Jocelyn. Hank and his plan. Audrey talks about her type. Ode to Laura. Audrey prays to Dale. The giant in Dale's room.

Episode 9 (0:54, 46:49)
Former partner flying the coop. Wheels on Meals grandson studying magic. Dale questions Ronette. Burning a ledger? The Log delivers a message. Audrey Horne is missing. Leland, and Ben and Jerry talk Iceland. Shelly and Leo. Audrey learns about One-Eyed Jacks. Donna gets upset. Audrey calls Dale.

Episode 10 (0:38, 47:00)
He puts a B in the I.V. More Meals on Wheels investigation. Albert reveals his beliefs to the sheriff. Lucy's date. Leland talks to Dale about his childhood. James and Madeline talk about Donna. Audrey's in trouble. Looking at boots. Shelly's at the police station. Dale talks to Ben. More clues. Nadine in the hospital. Shrink being hypnotized. Donna at Laura's grave. Things get screwy. Red flower. Laura Palmer's diary.

disc 5:
Episode 11 (0:58, 46:50)
Dale talks to Leland. Sperm test. Sheriff and Dale talk about the lake house. Ben talks to the French guy. Travel critic passing through Twin Peaks. Donna and her new friend Harry talk about Laura. Audrey's in bigger trouble. Dale talks to Lucy. Dale sets up something. Madeline and Donna talk about James. Jocelyn and Sheriff spend time together. The judge comes to town. Lucy talks to her date. Jocelyn has more secrets. Hank and the darkness.

Episode 12 (0:29, 47:02)
Letter on the floor. Lucy goes to Tacoma. Shelly and Bob and insurance. Palmer and bail. Donna and a diary. Leo and his fate. Keeping and eye on the woods. Nadine's strength is a bit funny. Dale hears a funny telephone call. Ben's plan. Andy's test results. Dale's plan for the night. James and Madeline have a short talk. Donna's story. The owls are not what they seem. Donna and an orchid. Plans unfold.

Episode 13 (0:51, 47:19)
Flowers. Prayers answered? James and Donna talk about the future. Dale and his personal code. Leo at home. Donna talks to the sheriff. Ben sees Audrey. Nadine and her personality. Jocelyn has to leave. James and Madeline talk. Jocelyn and Ben talk. A party with Leo. Strange humour with David Lynch. Strange plan continues. What's up with that Japanese guy? Aliens? Interesting revelation.

Episode 14 (0:43, 47:20)
The Great Northern. The fate of Harold Smith. Madeline's fate. The diary of Laura Palmer. Bobby and Shelly and money. Audrey talks to Ben about his business. Audrey and her job. Nadine outside the house. 'I could just kiss you to death.' Mini cassette. Audrey talks to Dale about Ben. An arrest is made. Log Lady has more to say. White horse in the Palmer house. Watching a singer on stage. Something's happening again.

disc 6:
Episode 15 (1:07, 47:14)
Donna and James want to say goodbye to Madeline. Ben and Jerry talk about old times. Leland learns news. Bobby and Shelly and Leo, again. Norma and her mother. More Mike. Hank and Norma fight. Talk of Jocelyn, from Pete and Sheriff. Ben learns something. Andy and Lucy talk about sperm. Dale interrogates Mike. Hank meets an old friend. Audrey talks to Dale about One-Eyed Jacks. Dale gets a call.

Episode 16 (0:43, 46:42)
Mystical advice. Donna and James talk. Andy speaks French. Letter to Donna. A talk with Mike about the giant. Lucy and Andy again. Ben and his Japanese friend talk about Ghostwood, and he learns something. Donna talks to Leland about Harold Smith. Donna and James talk about Madeline. The gang's all at the Roadhouse. Dale tells a secret to Sheriff. Lucy and Andy and Dick. Where is Bob now?

Episode 17 (0:50, 47:16)
Nadine at the funeral. Audrey sees Dale in his room. Bobby wants a job. Catherine and the lakes. Dick wants to talk to Lucy. So does Andy. Dale gets suspended. Bobby and his job search. Dale's in trouble. Nadine in high school. Leo moved. Hank and Ernie. The new broker is not who he seems. Owls. Dale in the woods.

Episode 18 (0:57, 47:17)
James on his bike. Trying to find the Major. Investigation on Dale. James and Evelyn's car. Dale and the White Lodge. Denise from the DEA. Harry, Jocelyn, and her past. Hunting party. Andy and Dick have fun with their little brother. James and his new friend. Ben feeling nostalgic. Dale gets a tape. Wedding. Dale talks to Denise. Jocelyn and Catherine.

disc 7:
Episode 19 (0:40, 46:23)
Bobby's continuing search. Dale shopping. Honeymoon disaster. Nadine wrestling. James and the Jag. 'Nobody stops Mr. Marsh.' Dead Dog Farm. Fixing a flat tire. Investigating the Major's disappearance. The Jag is fine. Bobby's first assignment. Catherine's ego. The chess game continues. Ed talks to Norma about the past and the future. The Sheriff doesn't answer his phone. Confession. Evelyn fights. Bobby and his mother.

Episode 20 (1:04, 46:49)
Memories of the Major. Revelations. Calling the thugs. Andy and Dick look into their younger brother's past. Shelly is mad at her boys. James and Evelyn talk. Nadine has fun with Mike. Sheriff sees Jocelyn. Audrey wants to save her dad. Ed and Norma finally talk. Going over the plan. Andy and Dick continue their investigation. Donna looking for James. Nadine and Hank. Ben's about to win the Civil War. Catherine enters. The Jag is fixed. Dale's plan. Evelyn's got a secret. Hostage situation. Leo's around. All hell breaks loose in Twin Peaks.

Episode 21 (0:33, 46:05)
No fingerprints. Shelly's scared. Cleaning up the crime scene. Andy talks to Lucy about Nicky. James and Evelyn and Evelyn's husband. Ed talks to Doc about Nadine. James wants to leave. Dale and Sheriff talk chess. Windom Earle. Evelyn and Donna talk about James. Ben and his war. The Major at the police station. 'You can always shoot later. Talk first.' Catherine reveals a big secret. This Eckhart fellow seems to be here. Talk at the police station. James and Evelyn talk feelings. Leo in the woods.

Episode 22 (0:43, 46:40)
Mourning. James and Donna think. Questioning Bobby. Albert talks Earle. Earle talks to Leo. Ed and Norma. Nadine's cool. Fibers. Thomas. Ben's tragedy. Donna tries to help James. Bad news for Sheriff. Shelly at the diner. Thomas at the house. James confronts Evelyn. Marching on. Windom has fun with Leo. Evelyn and Malcolm. Letter for Audrey.

disc 8:
Episode 23 (1:02, 47:14)
Dale's next move. Jocelyn sees something. Hank's deal a no-go. Audrey meets an old friend. Nadine and Ed have to talk. Dale interrogates Jocelyn. Ben and Bobby go to a meeting. Shelly gets a letter. Ed proposes. Windom instructs Leo. Norma sees Hank. Chess and forensics. Andrew. Donna and James talk about being good. Sheriff tries to find Jocelyn. Thomas and Andrew meet. Shelly talks to Jack. Donna and Shelly and Audrey talk about their notes. Dale goes to see Jocelyn. Bob isn't gone.

Episode 24 (0:54, 45:54)
Annie visits Twin Peaks. Dale and an improbable autopsy result. Windom and a flower. Audrey and the pine weasel. Dale talks to Harry about Jocelyn. Miss Jones and Catherine talk about estates. 'Dr. Craig' visits Donna. The chess game continues. The Major and the Log Lady come to the police station. Audrey has a nice time with Jack. Ed and Nadine talk to Dr. Jacoby. Donna's mom sees a stranger. Problem at the book house. Checking in. The Stop Ghostwood campaign starts. Catherine and Ben talk. Weasel away!

Episode 25 (0:49, 46:45)
Waking up next to a stranger. Audrey in Jack's room. Harry and Dale talk about the morning. Bonzai. Gordon Cole comes in again, with information about Windom. Windom is ready to do a trick. Donna sees her mother and talks to Audrey. The gang goes to breakfast. Gordon Cole is my favorite character. Dale is sweet on Annie. Owl Cave. Postcard from James. Audrey and her father. Shelly meets a 'poetry professor'. Annie asks about Dale. The gang goes spelunking. Ben eats a carrot. Secret of Owl Cave. Annie and Dale.

Episode 26 (1:02, 46:53)
In the cave. Stories of lodges. Catherine wants a box open. Bobby and Shelly and the future. Miss Twin Peaks shenanigans. Nature study walk. Help is needed, but how or why is unknown. Dick and compensation. Helping Windom out. Changes to Miss Twin Peaks. Sheriff talks to Catherine about Jocelyn. Glyphs in the box. In a boat on a lake. Wine tasting event. Eatin' pie with Gordon. Dale with milk. Donna asks about Ben. Box on a veranda.

disc 9:
Episode 27 (0:42, 46:42)
Playing off the board. Styrofoam never dies. Someone's been murdered. Dale wants to see Audrey. Information on the Black Lodge. Windom's musings. All the speeches. All the pieces. Leo and Windom talk about Shelly. Audrey and Jack. Major in the woods. Annie and Dale talk and... When Jupiter and Saturn meet, something will happen. Little silver box. Dale and Annie at the Roadhouse. The giant says no. Audrey and the man of her dreams. Windom finds what he wants. There's something wrong here.

Episode 28 (1:18, 46:17)
Getting keys. The Tao Te Ching. Windom and chess. Eureka. Windom is not happy at Leo. Questioning the vision of the choreographer. Annie and Dale share a moment. Nadine's slideshow. Major out of the woods. Opening the box. Donna's mother and Benjamin Horne. Conjunction for explosive change. Andy wants to say something. Miss Twin Peaks Pageant. Donna wants to know the truth. Miss Twin Peaks.

Episode 29 (1:02, 50:20)
The End.


1.33:1 full screen. The picture is pretty consistent throughout the entire series. From the pilot to the series finale, the picture quality is pretty strong. Granted, darker scenes are fairly noisy, and close-ups are softer than other shots, but the rest of the series holds up pretty well. There are only a few specks in the entire series, and the colours are pretty strong, rarely, if ever, showing edge enhancement. Contrast is strong and the colours are stable, except in a few two or three instances. The level of detail is good enough and there's a nice grain level throughout the show. I was a bit surprised by the transfer, and on a tube TV it will look great.


Each episode comes in English Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo tracks, as well as Spanish and Portuguese tracks (both in Dolby Digital 2.0 mono). The entire series has also been remixed in Dolby Digital 5.1. Both purists and audio freaks will enjoy this series. The original track is present and offers a very nice and robust presentation. The 5.1 mix likewise sounds great. It keeps the feel of the original track while opening up the sound field very subtly. The centre channel handles almost everything, and handles it very well. The four other speakers handle the score and other sound effects, such as footsteps and doors opening and closing. Rain is also heard when the scene calls for it. Even the subwoofer chimes in when the waterfall is used as an establishing shot. The volume levels are very nice and people who change the settings on their system will probably want to change them back. The score is always present but very atmospheric and adds a nice element to the show. It swells up to the rear speakers occasionally, when it's most needed. The remixing is very well done and fans of the show will not be disappointed.
English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles are provided.


For starters, disc one has some Previews for 'Dexter' (0:37), 'Ghost Whisperer: The Second Season' (0:53), 'CSI' sets (1:46), 'Mission: Impossible: The Second Season' (0:33)

Disc nine continues with Lost and Found, which are a set of deleted scenes. These don't add too much information, though they do add some little character details for Johnny, and explains why there are all these donuts on the table at the police station. The scenes are 'Jerry's Wandering Eye' (0:50), '27 Going on 6' (2:29), 'Lucy, Andy and Donuts' (0:49) and 'Something About Johnny' (1:35). These are nice scenes, though, but, as I said, don't add much to the overall series. It's actually just surprising that these scenes have been kept.

Some really interesting Production Documents are next. It's a bunch of script pages, call sheets and insert shots that had to be shot. It's fascinating to see how detailed some of these notes were.

Disc ten houses the rest of the extras, and they're great. Here they are broken down by section.

A Slice of Lynch (29:59)
Madchen Amick, Kyle MacLachlan and John Wentworth (post-production/production guy on many David Lynch movies) sit down with David Lynch everybody talks about 'Twin Peaks'. They talk about how the two actors got their role. They also discuss how the original script changed, and got from North Dakota to the Northwest. David Lynch and Madchen Amick also talk about their kiss. Mr. Lynch reveals how he came up with the name Gordon Cole and why he came up with that voice for his character. They also reminisce about their favorite moment from the series. It's a great half-hour and fascinating for any fan of the show. Unfortunately, there is some overlap between this and the 'Secrets from Another Place' section, but overall, there's not much repeated.

Secrets from Another Place: Creating 'Twin Peaks'
This section is divided into four parts that combine to make an excellent documentary. The parts cover the genesis, titling, casting of the pilot, the creating and weaving of the first season, the making of the music and the continuation and evolution of the second season. Just about everybody that worked in the series, with the notable exception of Mr. Lynch, are interviewed and talk about every aspect of the series. The talk of the ending of the series and why it ended is really interesting, especially when explained in context (a big problem was the show was shuffled around by the network and was pre-empted a lot by the Gulf War, so viewers couldn't really follow along because they didn't know when the show was playing). Mark Frost does try to explain the very last moments and what they wanted to do with Dale, but I still think it could have been better. The four parts are: 'Northwest Passage: Creating the Pilot' (30:32), 'Freshly Squeezed: Creating Season One' (30:35), 'Where We're From: Creating the Music' (17:43) and 'Into the Night: Creating Season Two' (30:18).

'Saturday Night Live'
There's the opening Monologue with Kyle MacLachlan (4:28) and a Twin Peaks Sketch (9:07). The monologue is pretty funny, with Kyle revealing who killed Laura Palmer. The sketch is absolutely hilarious, hitting the right absurdist notes from the already offbeat series.

Twin Peaks Festival
This contains Return to Twin Peaks (19:41). I can say here that age hasn't been too good to some of the actors. Every year, fans gather in the small Washington town where the show was shot, seeing locations and playing games. This is a recap of the June 2006 weekend. Tons and tons of fans are interviewed and you learn about the festival and how fun it is. It also has an Interactive Map. There are some eight spots in a map of the fake city, and you get too learn about them, through commentary by, I believe, one of the gentlemen in the 'Return to Twin Peaks' featurette. The eight locations are: 'The Sign' (0:34), 'The Packard Lodge' (1:15), 'Laura's Log' (1:03), 'Packard Saw Mill/Sheriff Station' (0:52), 'The Great Northern' (1:26), 'Ronette's Bridge' (1:00), 'Double R Diner' (0:46) and 'The Roadhouse' (0:34). There are some nice bits of trivia for fans of the show, though, having watched the previous featurette, if you're a fan of the show, you probably already know these bits of information.

The Black Lodge Archive
These are a collection of promo materials. The first thing here is the 'Falling' Music Video (4:21), which is fairly minimalistic and very cheesy. It's very early '90s and pretty low budget. There are a lot of clips from the show intercut with close-ups of the singer. Next is a group of Georgia Coffee Commercials, which is a Japanese company's idea of good marketing. The series of commercials is really weird, and typically Japanese, if you know Japanese advertising. The commercials are called 'Lost' (0:35), 'Cherry Pie' (0:39), 'A Mystery of "G"'; (0:40), 'The Rescue' (0:40) and 'A Mystery of "G" and Pet (Alternate)' (0:40). Three Image Galleries (The Richard Beymer Gallery, Unit Photography, Twin Peaks Trading Cards) are next. The third one contains pictures of the entire 76-card set, which is actually pretty interesting. Then you have a bunch of On-Air Promos/Spots, 'Coming April 8th' (0:32), 'Only One Place' (0:13), 'What They're Trying to Say' (0:22), 'A Show Like This' (0:33), 'If You Miss It' (0:22), 'Tape Recorder' (0:23), 'Lumber Truck' (0:22), 'Next' (0:50), 'There's No Place Like Home' (0:33), 'T-Shirt Ad' (0:33), 'Holiday Greeting' (0:12) and 'Patriot Greeting' (0:39). Some 1-900 Hotline tips also here. These are a series of messages that you could listen to by calling the number to catch up if you missed the previous episodes. There's a 1-900 Promo Spot (0:35) and 8 actual messages (2:47, 2:43, 2:46, 2:43, 2:46, 2:42, 2:50, 2:50), which don't really add much to what you already know, unless you missed an episode. The last things are commercial bumpers ('We'll be right back'-type of messages). They're called Lucy Bumpers, and they last 6 seconds each: 'Get the Sheriff', 'Cup O' Joe', 'Donut Time 1', 'Donut Time 2', 'Douglas-Firs' and 'Stop Sawing Logs'.


The Show: A- Video: B- Audio: B+ Extras: A Overall: A-


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