R0 - United Kingdom - Arrow Films
Review written by and copyright: Neil Bray (11th August 2011).
The Film

Based on the opening sequence of a young girl caught in a bear trap and then subsequently beaten to death by a crazy satan-worshipping family you would think youíd be in for a rollicking good time with this film; unfortunately the best the film has to offer is in those first few minutes, and after that everything just falls apart.

Apparently this is the first time in the UK the uncut version of this film has been made available. Well, I canít imagine what they needed to cut. Thereís so little here to get your panties in a bunch about.

The story follows Nancy, a troubled teen hitching a ride to California. She meets some boys, they steal some groceries and then meets the satan-worshipping family from the opening scenes (now all grown up), who are gearing up for a midnight ritual involving the sacrifice of three young women. Oops, guess whatís possibly going to happen to Nancy? Oh, and thereís a desiccated corpse in a bedroom upstairs...yep, youíve guessed it: itís the mother (obviously moonlighting from the Bates Motel or Camp Crystal Lake).

Honestly, this film is so boring. After the great opening the next hour of the film is simply dull, dull, dull; nothing of real importance happens and I found myself clock watching. Eventually, in the last half hour things pick up as the situation for Nancy gets worse; but even then the final confrontation with the crazy redneck family is underwhelming and a total anti-climax. The best bit: the credits rolling.


Presented in 1.33:1. The picture is dark, grainy, blurred and marred with countless film imperfections and light flares. The washed-out palette only exacerbates what is obviously a VHS print put on DVD.


A single English DD Mono track only. No subtitles. No noticeable issues with this track. Dialogue is clear and there I didnít notice any level fluctuations.


Vampires, Rednecks and Zombies: The Fear Career of John Amplas (31.17) Ė this interview with star John Amplas talking at length about his life, career, working relationship with George A. Romero. Interesting stuff.

Midnight at Your Door: The Shocking Sacrifices of John Russo (20.14) Ė A John Russo interview covering the difficulties he endured in getting Midnight made. Another interesting interview.

EASTER EGG Ė On the Extra Features Menu highlight the first option and press left. This will highlight a pentagram symbol. By pressing enter you will see an outtake from the Midnight at Your Door interview with John Russo in which he talks about his forthcoming book.

Forced Arrow Films compilation trailer (3.17).


I didnít receive the box for this film; but according to the press release the following will be included:
Reversible Sleeve with original and newly commissioned artwork.
Double-sided poster.


A total waste of time in my opinion. Boring and badly acted I cannot recommend this to anyone.

The Film: F Video: F Audio: D Extras: D Overall: F


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