Rob & Big: Season Three Uncensored
R1 - America - Paramount Home Entertainment
Review written by and copyright: Pat Pilon (17th October 2008).
The Show

I'm not that big a fan of reality TV, and am the first to say that there's nothing particularly realistic about reality TV. Even more low-key shows, there a camera simply follows people around never seems to be completely genuine. Even these types of shows seem to have some catch, some piece inserted into the lives of the participants to make their lives a bit more interesting for about 20 minutes.

Rob is Rob Dyrdek, professional skateboarder, and Big is his best friend. This show follows these two guys as they do, um, wellÖ nothing. Either someone at MTV or someone in the 'Rob & Big' creative team thinks up of stuff that these guys can do, and they do it. There isn't much to the show.

As an example of what happens, here is what happens in the first show of the season, 'Poop in the Pool'. Rob wakes up and discovers a piece of dung in his pool. He interrogates his friends, who don't know who did it. He asks his other buddy, Drama, and doesn't believe his answer. He decides to drain his pool, and get a polygraph to question Drama. He decides to get security cameras and a net gun to stop the pooper if he's there again. Upon seeing his empty pool, he thinks it's a good idea to get a mural painted on the bottom. Bored, he plays with the net gun inside his house with his buddies. After not finding out took a dump in his pool, he fills it back up and swims in it. That's what happens in the first episode, and just about every episode follows the same kind of approach. The titles of the episodes are pretty self-explanatory, and you can figure out what happens if you know the style of these guys.

Throughout the season, he trains a 'street' turtle to win a race, ride dune buggies when they should be doing something else and sing a drunken song in front of a Mexican audience in Cancun. Every now and then, he stops to skateboard in and around various structures and streets.

People who enjoy shows like 'The Simple Life' may enjoy this show, but I didn't find much appeal. This is simply just not my type of show, and I'll say I won't look for this show on my own free time. Though it's nice to see things in here you don't really see elsewhere, like a mini-horse show, and the 'Guinness' episode, but it's not enough to keep the show up for me. It's just not as interesting as some other shows I've seen, and would rather watch.

Here is a list of the episodes by disc.

Disc 1:
Poop in the Pool (20:37)
Someone has fun in his pool and he tries to find out who did it.

Racing Turtles (20:07)
He goes to a turtle racing night and gets his own turtle to win.

Mini-Horse Road Trip (20:10)
Rob and Big take their mini-horse to a mini-horse show.

Meaty Goes to Hollywood (20:09)
Rob realizes that Meaty gets a lot of attention and wants to get him an agent.

Guinness (20:05)
Rob buys a Guiness Book of World Records and wants to break some records.

Big Bob (20:09)
Rob and Big talk about being big, and so Rob decides to wear a fat suit to see what it feels like.

Disc 2:
Charity (20:10)
The friends ride around in an ice cream truck giving away free ice cream, because itís good to give stuff to people. They then decide to give other stuff to people. Thereís also a friend that thinks he can BMX like a pro.

Harry the Healer (20:11)
Rob feels a bit down, and so goes to see a shaman, Harry the Healer, to help heal himself. He ends up making a skateboard with some sacred geometry design on it.

Dating Game (20:11)
Big tries to find Rob a nice date. Rob also tries to find a hobby.

Vegas (20:10)
Drama is going to turn 21 soon, and Rob and Big take him to Vegas to celebrate.

Meatyís Birthday (20:09)
Keeping up with the birthday trend, this is the dogís birthday. Rob throws him a big party.

Parents (20:09)
Robís parents come visit him, which makes him feel a bit childish.

Disc 3:
Cancun (20:10)
Rob and his posse decide to up and go to Cancun for vacation. (Vacation from what, Iím not sure, but on vacation nonetheless.)

Haunted House (20:10)
Rob thinks his house is haunted and goes on the hunt for ghosts.

Baby (21:52)
Rob learns Big will be a father soon, so they decide to go crazy and buy everything they need for the big day and ensuing year.


1.78:1 non-anamorphic widescreen. The show is shot entirely on digital video and it looks like it. The show is also very bright and so the picture always looks fine, even if the contrast is a bit low. Colours are good enough, but don't pop out as much as they might otherwise. Skin tones are pretty wonky, either being a bit pasty, or too dark, but then again, this is because of the source. Itís a nice picture, though restricted by the source.


The show comes in a standard English Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo track, either censored or uncensored. I could make the comment about this in the same vein that someone would comment about the 'rated' edition of 'Body of Evidence' being an option on its own DVD, but I'll refrain. The track is adequate and all the words can be heard clearly. The music is mixed in well with good volume levels. The sound is a bit low-fi at times, but it fits in perfectly with the feel of the show.
There are no subtitles.


Paramount and MTV were very nice to fans, filling the set up with some nice extras.

First off, every episode has an audio commentary by Rob, Big Black, Bam Bam, Zeus, Drama and executive producers Jeff Tremaine and Reuben Fleisher. One or two may be missing in one or two episodes but for the most part, it's all these guys. These guys have a lot of fun recalling these episodes. The goof off pretty much throughout the season, laughing and joking throughout. There is a little bit of information, as they reminisce about various events. 'Haunted House' is probably the best track.

Disc one and disc two also have start-up trailers, the former having 'Human Giant: Season One Uncensored' and 'Epicly Later'd: Volume One', the latter having 'Mat Hoffman's Tribute to Evel Knievel' and 'The Animation Show'.

Disc three also has two other extras. Best, Worst & Unused (20:09), which has Rob and Big in a clip show in the middle of season three. The two of them talk about their favorite moments, while you see clips of these moments. Some of the least favorite moments are also here, as are some of teh bits that didn't make it in. For more stuff that didn't make it, there's plenty of Deleted Scenes to elate any fan of the show. The scenes are: 'Photo Shoot' (2:48), 'Sushi' (2:39), 'Poop in Bag' (2:54), 'Mud Bath' (4:01), 'Racing Horses' (1:06), 'Herpie' (3:55), 'VGAS' (1:29), 'Storyopolis' (2:49), 'French Bobby Light' (3:22), 'Horse Poo' (0:46), 'Burp' (0:20), 'Cowboy Gear' (1:47), 'Organic Food' (2:43), 'Giant Burger' (2:02), 'Shopping at Anawalt' (2:51), 'Tea Garden' (2:19), 'Doggie Spa' (2:04), 'Skateboard Giveaway' (2:02), 'Lunch with the Homeless' (2:02), 'Tony Hawk' (2:12), 'Freezer Poop' (0:34), 'Holotropic Breathing' (3:46), 'Voice Manipulation' (1:47), 'Pet Store' (0:54), 'Poo Worms' (2:18), 'Garage Cleanup' (1:02), 'Danny Way DC Ramp' (3:10), 'Pimpin' Mini Episdoe' (7:12), 'Navy' (5:52), 'Finish Line' (5:02), 'Fear Cam' (2:18), 'Haunted Hospital' (3:41) and finally, 'Racetrack with Zeus' (1:47). These don't really add much to the show; it's just more of the same. They were simply cut for time, and no other reason. It's really nice to see these, though 'Giant Burger' should have really been kept in. The size of that hamburger would put Gozilla to shame.


The Show: C- Video: C+ Audio: B- Extras: B Overall: C+


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