• Extras:
    DISC ONE: Variety Lights
    * The Film
    "Fellini: I'm a Born Liar" 2002 documentary (101:24) [1080i]
    "Second Look" 1960 interview with director Federico Fellini by filmmaker André Delvaux for Belgian TV (Part 1/4) (34:52)

    DISC TWO: The White Sheik
    * "The White Sheik" (87:19)
    "Remembrances" 2002 documentary (31:18) [1080i]
    Gideon Bachmann Interviews
    - Federico Fellini, 1962 (30:44) (in English) [1080i]
    - Family and Friends, 1962 (59:03) [1080i]

    DISC THREE: I Vitelloni
    * "I Vitelloni" (108:52)
    "Vitellonismo" 2004 making-of documentary (35:11) [1080i]
    "Second Look" 1960 interview with director Federico Fellini by filmmaker André Delvaux for Belgian TV (Part 2/4) (31:26)
    Stills Gallery (3:37)
    Trailer (3:56) [1080i]

    DISC FOUR: La Strada
    * "La Strada" (109:00)
    Audio Commentary with author Peter Bondanella (2010)
    Introduction by filmmaker Martin Scorsese from 2010 (13:45) (in English and Italian) [1080i]
    "Federico Fellini's Autobiography" 2000 documentary (55:16) [1080i]
    Trailer (2:05) (in English) [1080i]

    DISC FIVE: Il Bidone
    * "Il Bidone" (113:48)
    Audio Commentary by film scholar Frank Burke (2020)
    Interview with Fellini's assistant director Dominique Delouche (39:51) (in French) [1080i]

    DISC SIX: Nights of Cabiria
    * "Nights of Cabiria" (118:33)
    "Giulietta Masina: The Power of a Smile" 2004 documentary (52:50) [1080i]
    "Second Look" 1960 interview with director Federico Fellini by filmmaker André Delvaux for Belgian TV (Part 3/4) (33:19)
    Interview with Fellini's assistant director Dominique Delouche from 1999 (30:49) (in French) [1080i]
    Audio Interview with Dino De Laurentiis (3:41) (in English) [1080i]
    Original Theatrical Trailer (3:57)
    Re-release Theatrical Trailer (burnt-in subtitles) (1:22)

    DISC SEVEN: La Dolce Vita
    * "La Dolce Vita" (175:46)
    "Second Look" 1960 interview with director Federico Fellini by filmmaker André Delvaux for Belgian TV (Part 4/4) (30:57)
    Interview with director Federico Fellini from 1965 (30:07) (in English and Italian)
    "The Eye & The Beholder" 2014 visual essay by filmmaker ::kogonada (9:32)
    Interview with assistant director Lina Wertmüller from 2014 (7:25) [1080i]
    Interview with scholar David Forgacs from 2014 (14:29) (in English)
    Interview with Italian journalist Antonello Sarno from 2014 (15:51) [1080i]
    "Once Upon a Time: La Dolce Vita" 2009 documentary (52:03) (in French and Italian) [1080i]
    "Felliniana" picture gallery (54 pages)

    DISC EIGHT: 8½
    * "8½" (139:26)
    Audio Commentary by film critic and Fellini friend Gideon Bachmann and film scholar Antonio Monda (2001)
    Introduction by Terry Gilliam from 2001 (7:29) (in English) [1080i]
    "The Last Sequence" 2003 documentary (50:24) [1080i]
    "Nino Rota: Between Cinema and Concert" 1993 documentary (47:28) (in German) [1080i]
    Interview with actor Sandra Milo from 2001 (26:38) [1080i]
    Interview with assistant director Lina Wertmüller from 2001 (17:28) [1080i]
    Interview with cinematographer Vittorio Storaro from 2001 (17:24) (in English) [1080i]
    Trailer (3:10)
    Photographs from Gideon Bachmann (18 pages)
    Stills Gallery of Behind-the-Scenes and Production Photos (113 pages)

    DISC NINE: Juliet of the Spirits
    * "Juliet of the Spirits" (145:24)
    "Toby Dammit" 1968 short by Federico Fellini (43:31)
    "Fellini: A Director's Notebook" 1969 NBC TV documentary (51:48) (in English)
    "Fellini's Letter" text (6 pages)
    "Reporter's Diary: Zoom on Fellini" 1965 documentary (33:15) [1080i]
    "Familiar Spirits" 1966 interview with Fellini by Ian Dallas from the BBC series 'New Release' (in English and Italian) (21:30) [1080i]
    Trailer (2:32)

    DISC TEN: Fellini Satyricon
    * "Fellini Satyricon" (129:42)
    Audio Commentary featuring an adaptation of Eileen Lanouette Hughes' memoir "On the Set of Fellini Satyricon: A Behind-the-Scenes Diary" (2014)
    "Ciao, Federico!" 1970 documentary by Gideon Bachmann (60:15)
    "Fellini" archival interviews:
    - Gideon Bachman, 1969 (audio only) (10:48)
    - French Television excerpt, 1969 (1:38) (in French and Italian)
    - Gene Shalit, 1975 (2:08) (in English)
    Interview with cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno from 2011 (7:38)
    "Fellini and Petronius" 2014 documentary (23:51)
    Interview with stills photographer Mary Ellen Mark from 2014 (12:57) (in English)
    "Felliniana" picture gallery (31 pages)
    Trailer (2:24)

    * "Roma" (120:20)
    Audio Commentary with film scholar Frank Burke (2016)
    Deleted Scenes (17:32)
    Interview with filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino from 2016 (15:17)
    Interview with poet and Fellini friend Valerio Magrelli from 2016 (16:20)
    "Felliniana" montage (18:32)
    US Trailer (2:46)

    DISC TWELVE: Amarcord
    * "Amarcord" (125:58)
    Audio Commentary with film scholars Peter Brunette and Frank Burke (2006)
    "The Secret Diary of Amarcord" 1974 documentary (44:59)
    "Fellini's Homecoming" 2006 documentary (44:18) [1080i]
    Interview with actor Magali Noël from 2006 (15:35) (in French) [1080i]
    "Fellini's Drawings" picture gallery (44 pages)
    - Stills (128 pages)
    - Radio Ads (2:31)
    Deleted Scene (3:03) (no audio) [1080i]
    Trailer (3:49)

    DISC THIRTEEN: And the Ship Sails On
    * "And the Ship Sailed On" (129:18)
    "Fellini Racconta: Diary of a Film" 1983 TV documentary (51:27) [1080i]

    DISC FOURTEEN: Intervista
    * "Intervista" (107:42)
    "At Home With Federico Fellini" 1987 Italian TV interview (17:14)
    "Fellini Racconta: Passeggiate nella memoria" 2000 documentary (52:05) [1080i]
    "Marcello Mastroianni" c.1963 audio interview by film historian Gideon Bachmann (47:19)
    "Fellini's TV" montage of unused and unseen TV ads from "Ginger and Fred" (35:14) [1080i]

    DISC FIFTEEN: Marcello Mastroianni: I Remember
    * "Marcello Mastroianni: I Remember" 1997 documentary by Anna Maria Tatò (193:56)
  • Subtitles:
    English (optional)
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Picture Format:
    1080p24 AVC MPEG-4
  • Soundtrack(s):
    Italian LPCM 1.0 (48kHz / 24-bit)
  • Case type:
    Special Case
  • Notes:
    Packaged in a large flipbook along with the 84-page book "Guide to the Films" and the 156-page book "Essential Fellini Essays" inside a large collector's box.
    Only available in the Essential Fellini box set.
    All commentaries are in English. Other extras are in 1080p, in Italian, unless specified otherwise. Optional English subtitles are present for non-English audio only.
    The "Second Look" interviews also feature burnt-in French subtitles.

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