Land of Milk and Honey AKA Pays de cocagne (B 21/02/17
Great Love (The) AKA Le grand amour (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
As Long as You've Got Your Health AKA Tant qu 21/02/17
Yoyo (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
Suitor (The) AKA Le soupirant (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
Brüno AKA Brüno: Snipped AKA Bruno (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
3 Hearts AKA 3 cœurs (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
Falling (The) (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
I Am Not a Serial Killer (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Autopsy (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Berserk AKA Kenpû denki beruseruku (TV) (Blu- 20/02/17
Convincer (The) AKA Thin Ice (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Inglorious Bastards AKA Quel Maledetto Treno 19/02/17
Yakuza (The) AKA Brotherhood of the Yakuza (B 19/02/17
Evelyn (Blu-ray) 19/02/17
Doctor Strange (Blu-ray) 19/02/17
Sect (The) AKA La Setta AKA The Devil's Daugh 19/02/17
Halls of Montezuma (Blu-ray) 19/02/17
Angel AKA Danny Boy (Blu-ray) 19/02/17


Jonathan Creek: Christmas Specials (TV) 21/02/17
3 Hearts AKA 3 cœurs 21/02/17
Thérèse AKA Thérèse Desqueyroux 21/02/17
All About Steve 20/02/17
Falling (The) 20/02/17
Mr. Denning Drives North 20/02/17
Long Way Down (A) 20/02/17
21 Jump Street: Season 3 (TV) 20/02/17
Dispatch from Reuters (A) 20/02/17
Autopsy 20/02/17
Judge of Honor (A) AKA Paolo Borsellino (TV) 20/02/17
Corleone AKA Il capo dei capi (TV) 20/02/17
Variety 20/02/17
Guy from Harlem (The) 20/02/17
Throw Out the Anchor! 20/02/17
Manipulator (The) 20/02/17
Tiger House 19/02/17
Starship Apocalypse 19/02/17
Dead Lenny 19/02/17
Ash: Free All Angels 19/02/17
... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead 19/02/17
Sigur Rós: ( ) AKA Untitled #1 AKA Vaka 19/02/17
Autechre: Gantz_Graf 19/02/17
Jonathan Creek: Series 4 (TV) 19/02/17
Jonathan Creek: Series 3 (TV) 19/02/17
Stealing Candy 19/02/17
Murder, She Wrote: Season 2 (TV) 19/02/17
Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 (TV) 19/02/17
Reign in Darkness 19/02/17
Godmoney 19/02/17


Gift (The) (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
Ghost in the Shell AKA Kōkaku kidōt 21/02/17
Assassination (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
Jerry Maguire (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
King Kong (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
Thérèse AKA Thérèse Desqueyroux (Blu-ray) 21/02/17
King Kong (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Long Way Down (A) (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Apocalypto (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Passion of the Christ (The) (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
5th Wave (The) (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Accountant (The) (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising AKA Bad Neighbou 20/02/17
Three Ages (Blu-Ray) 20/02/17
General (The) (Blu-ray) 20/02/17
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel AKA A 19/02/17
Final Girls (The) (Blu-ray) 19/02/17
Tiger House (Blu-ray) 19/02/17
Stripped to Kill (Blu-ray) 19/02/17


Prisoners of the Lost Universe 21/02/17
Forgotten (The) AKA Don't Look in the Basemen 21/02/17
Cat in the Brain (A) AKA Nightmare Concert AK 21/02/17
Jonathan Creek: Series 4 (TV) 21/02/17
Faces of Death AKA The Original Faces of Deat 21/02/17
Brave (The) 20/02/17
Stealing Candy 20/02/17
Under Suspicion 20/02/17
Jonathan Creek: Series 1 (TV) 20/02/17
Murder of a General (The) AKA Il generale Dal 20/02/17
Jonathan Creek: Series 3 (TV) 20/02/17
Jonathan Creek: Series 2 (TV) 20/02/17
Last Godfather (The) AKA L'ultimo padrino 20/02/17
Enigma 20/02/17
Deadtime Stories AKA Freaky Fairytales 20/02/17
Night Train to Terror AKA Shiver 20/02/17
Toxic Avenger (The) 20/02/17
General (The) 20/02/17
Grace of Monaco 19/02/17
New Jersey Drive 19/02/17
Salvatore Giuliano 19/02/17
Moon of the Wolf 19/02/17
Hello, Dolly! 19/02/17
Cottage (The) 19/02/17
Escape from Hong Kong Island AKA Mak dau sin 18/02/17
Permanent Midnight 18/02/17
Invasion of the Bee Girls AKA Graveyard Tramp 18/02/17
Craze AKA Demon Master 18/02/17
Enigma Rosso AKA AKA Virgin Killer AKA Trauma 18/02/17
Ghost Galleon (The) AKA El Buque Maldito AKA 18/02/17



Thursday 16th February 2017 - posted by Samuel

We have added a new trailer to our YouTube channel for Aftermath, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maggie Grace! You can check out the trailer HERE.


Monday 13th February 2017 - posted by Samuel

We are present on various social media platforms. You can follow us over on Twitter where we link to reviews and chat/rant about film in general, or you can head on over and like us at Facebook where we link to reviews, post news, and post a picture and a thought on a different DVD/Blu-ray/OST each day!


Thursday 9th February 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Venom (Blue Underground)
- Kiju Yoshida: Love and Anarchism (Arrow)
- Drive In Massacre (Severin)

- The Front (Powerhouse)
- Der mude Tod (Masters of Cinema)
- Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 4K (Sony)

- Howl's Moving Castle (steelbook) (Universum)

- Slap Shot (Elephant Films)


Wednesday 8th February 2017 - posted by Samuel

We have added the trailer for PERSONAL SHOPPER to our YouTube channel! You can view the trailer HERE. Remember to subscribe to our channel!


Thursday 2nd February 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Love in the Afternoon (Warner)
- Catfight (Dark Sky Films)
- The Assassin (Arrow)

- The Big Heat (Powerhouse)
- Electra Glide in Blue (Odyssey)
- Fat City (Powerhouse)

- The Evil Dead (Ultimate Edition) (Sony)

- Law of Desire (TF1)


Friday 27th January 2017 - posted by Samuel

Our interview with Powerhouse Films is now live! You can read about some newly confirmed titles and much more HERE.


Thursday 26th January 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Wishmaster Collection (Lions Gate)
- 3 Classic Films by Claude Chabrol (Cohen Media Group)
- Rumble Fish (Criterion)

- Dead or Alive Trilogy (Arrow)
- Alien Nation (101 Films)
- Jack the Ripper (Network)

- Groundhog Day (steelbook) (Sony)

- Captain Lightfoot (Elephant Films)


Thursday 19th January 2017 - posted by Samuel

We have added the trailer for City of Tiny Lights to our YouTube channel. You can view the trailer HERE. Don't forget to subscribe!


Sunday 15th January 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Phantasm 1-5 (Well Go USA)
- Pulse (Mill Creek)
- They're Playing with Fire (Kino Lorber)

- House: Complete Collection (Arrow)
- Phantasm 1-5 (sphere packaging) (Arrow)
- The Return of Swamp Thing (Screenbound)

- Rob Zombie's 31 (steelbook) (Tiberius)

- Phantom of the Paradise (Carlotta)


Tuesday 10th January 2017 - posted by Samuel

We will be holding an interview with independent British distributor Powerhouse Films for our readers.

If you have any questions in particular you would like us to ask about past, present and future releases, then e-mail us at using the subject heading POWERHOUSE.

Questions must be submitted by the 15th January to be considered!

If you need to recap on what they have released so far, simply search for Powerhouse Films by distributor using our search bar, where you will also find links to our reviews of their releases!

You can read previous user interviews we have conducted with Fabulous Films, 88 Films, Arrow, Second Run and more by selecting the Features tab at the top of the page.


Tuesday 3rd January 2017 - posted by Samuel

It's time to announce the winners of our 2016 Awards! Thanks to all those that voted (twice as many as 2015) and congratulations to all those who won, and those who have received an honourable mention. 2016 has been a great year for home entertainment. May 2017 also flourish!

Best Independent British Distributor - Winning for the second year on the trot is Arrow Films who have had a huge year, especially with all the fine box sets they have released in both their Video and Academy ranges. Honourable mentions go to 88 Films and Eureka.

Best Independent American Distributor - A close contest between three companies, but like the UK category, for the second year running, Shout Factory is victorious. Just behind them were Vinegar Syndrome and Criterion.

Best Rest of World Distributor - Finally, we come to a new king on the throne, with French company Carlotta just edging Australian outfit Umbrella Entertainment to the crown. Both of these companies have had huge years, with Umbrella in particular really stepping up their game on previous years.

Best Newcomer - To be brutally honest, this one wasn't even a competition with over 95% of the votes going to the latest company to come from the UK, Powerhouse Films. You only need to see our reviews of their titles to see why they are deserving of this annihilation of all in their path.

Best Major Studio - This was pretty evenly contested, but by a single vote, MGM wins this award despite no longer releasing their titles themselves. One of our voters said it the best; MGM should win for having the brains to license their titles to companies that will show them the love they deserve.

Best American Release - Another closely fought contest, though in this instance the two releases in the fight both came from Criterion. The eventual winner was One Eyed Jacks, just beating out Lone Wolf and Cub.

Best UK Release - This years winner was one of the most critically acclaimed releases ever, Dissent and Disruption: Alan Clarke at the BBC, from the ever reliable BFI. The only other release within touching distance was Donnie Darko from Arrow Films.

Best Rest of World Release - This is always a tough category, with so many champion releases available around the world, but the clear winner for 2016 was Night of the Living Dead from Umbrella Entertainment.

Best/Worst Retailer - For the second year running, Amazon takes the best retailer award, although in a strange coincidence, were only three votes from also winning the worst. However, Zavvi takes that honour.

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