White as Snow AKA Blanche comme neige (Blu-ra 27/11/21
Married Life (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Some Came Running (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Benedetta (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Demon of the Lute AKA Liu zhi qin mo (Blu-ray 26/11/21
Holy Flame of the Martial World AKA Wu lin sh 26/11/21
Daydream Nation (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Random Hearts (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Tiger Claws III AKA Tiger Claws III: The Fina 26/11/21
Tiger Claws II (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Tiger Claws (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Conan O'Brien Can't Stop (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
TC 2000 (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Halfway House (The) (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Forbidden Door (The) AKA Pintu Terlarang (Blu 26/11/21
Steel and Lace (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Ebola Syndrome AKA Yibola Bing Du (Blu-ray 4K 26/11/21
Ebola Syndrome AKA Yibola Bing Du (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
For Colored Girls (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Bloody Pit of Horror AKA Il boia scarlatto AK 26/11/21


Married Life 27/11/21
Wings of Glass AKA Vingar av Glas 27/11/21
Burning at Both Ends AKA Resistance 1942 26/11/21
Pinocchio's Revenge 26/11/21
Labyrinth of Passion AKA Laberinto de pasione 26/11/21
Holy Flame of the Martial World AKA Wu lin sh 26/11/21
Daydream Nation 26/11/21
Tiger Claws III AKA Tiger Claws III: The Fina 26/11/21
Tiger Claws II 26/11/21
Tiger Claws 26/11/21
For Colored Girls 26/11/21
Won't Back Down 26/11/21
Return of Bastard Swordsman AKA Bu yi shen xi 25/11/21
Bastard Swordsman AKA Tian can bian 25/11/21
Last Kiss (The) AKA L'ultimo bacio 25/11/21
Censor 25/11/21
White Water Fury AKA Järngänget 24/11/21
Four Days in July (TV) 24/11/21
Home Sweet Home AKA Play for Today: Home Swee 24/11/21
Grown-Ups AKA BBC2 Playhouse: Grown-Ups (TV) 24/11/21
Who's Who AKA Play for Today: Who's Who (TV) 24/11/21
Kiss of Death (The) AKA Play for Today: The K 24/11/21
Nuts in May AKA Play for Today: Nuts in May ( 24/11/21
Permissive Society (The) AKA Second City Firs 24/11/21
Hard Labour AKA Play for Today: Hard Labour ( 24/11/21
High Hopes 24/11/21
Meantime 24/11/21
Bleak Moments 24/11/21
Wolf's Rain AKA Urufuzu Rein (TV) 24/11/21
Danish Dynamite: Season 3 (TV) 23/11/21


Blue Dahlia (The) (Blu-ray) 28/11/21
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Dark Eyes of London (The) AKA The Human Monst 27/11/21
Tales of Hoffmann (The) (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Toy (The) (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Day of the Dead (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Oasis of Fear AKA Un Posto ideale per uccider 27/11/21
Contempt AKA Le mépris (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Out of the Blue (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Earwig and the Witch AKA Âya to majo (Blu-ray 27/11/21
Night of the Demon (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Godzilla Raids Again AKA Gojira no gyakushu A 27/11/21
Jane Austen Book Club (The) (Blu-ray) 27/11/21
Return of the Living Dead III AKA Return of t 26/11/21
Maniac Cop (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Maniac Cop 2 (Blu-ray 4K) 26/11/21
Maniac Cop 2 (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (Blu-ray 4K) 26/11/21
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (Blu-ray) 26/11/21
Viva Django AKA Django, Prepare a Coffin AKA 26/11/21


Legend Of The Lost Tribe AKA Robbie The Reind 28/11/21
Hooves Of Fire AKA Robbie The Reindeer In Hoo 28/11/21
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman 27/11/21
Tales of Hoffmann (The) 27/11/21
Day of the Dead 27/11/21
Oasis of Fear AKA Un Posto ideale per uccider 27/11/21
Contempt AKA Le mépris 27/11/21
Trou (Le) AKA The Hole AKA The Night Watch 27/11/21
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 27/11/21
Night of the Demon 27/11/21
Return of the Living Dead III AKA Return of t 26/11/21
Maniac Cop 26/11/21
Maniac Cop 2 26/11/21
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence 26/11/21
TC 2000 26/11/21
Ebola Syndrome AKA Yibola Bing Du 26/11/21
House on the Edge of the Park (The) AKA La ca 26/11/21
Summer of Fear AKA Stranger in Our House 26/11/21
Creature AKA The Titan Find 26/11/21
Trauma AKA Dario Argento's Trauma 26/11/21
Amazing Mr. X (The) AKA The Spiritualist 26/11/21
Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (A) AKA Una r 25/11/21
Haunting of Morella (The) AKA Edgar Allan Poe 25/11/21
Masque of the Red Death 25/11/21
Apartment Zero 25/11/21
To Hell and Back 24/11/21
Abigail's Party AKA Play for Today: Abigail's 24/11/21
Vera Drake 24/11/21
All or Nothing 24/11/21
Topsy-Turvy 24/11/21



Thursday 25th November 2021 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

50% Off + US free shipping!

Combined shipping available Worldwide.

Offer ends Midnight PST on Cyber Monday.

Starts 25 November at Noon PST at Cult Epics Black Friday


Sunday 21st November 2021 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Lauded as one of the great horror films of the 21st Century, Session 9 is a tense creeping chiller from award-winning director Brad Anderson (The Machinist, Transsiberian), that has earned a cult following since its original release in 2001 and now gets a thrilling Limited Edition Blu-ray release from specialists Second Sight Films.

Desperate to win the contract to clean up the abandoned Danvers State Mental Hospital, the boss of an asbestos removal company promises a rapid one-week turnaround and the pressure is on for his team. As tensions run high to get job done, the crew are harbouring their own dark secrets and they soon discover they’re not the only ones... the derelict building has its own ominous past. When a case history tape is uncovered, it reveals shocking secrets hidden within its walls and things take a twisted turn.

Featuring a stellar cast including David Caruso (First Blood, NYPD Blue), Stephen Gevedon (War of the Worlds, 13) , Peter Mullan (Tyrannasour, War Horse), and Josh Lucas (Ford v Ferrari, Glory Road), the film is set to arrive 27 December 2021 complete with a slew of brilliant special features including:

·Audio Commentary by co-writer/director Brad Anderson and co-writer/actor Stephen Gevedon
·New Audio Commentary by The Projection Booth's Mike White and Jed Ayres
·"The Darkside" interview with co-writer/director Brad Anderson
·"Mike's Session" interview with co-writer/actor Stephen Gevedon
·"Back to the Bat" interview with producer David Collins and director of photography Uta Briesewitz
·"Invisible Design" interview with production Designer Sophie Carlhian
·"The Sound of Dread" interview with composers Robert Millis and Jeffery Taylor
·"A Twisted Collage: Alexandra Heller-Nicholas on Session 9" visual essay
·"Return to Danvers" documentary
·"The Haunted Palace" documentary
·"Horror's Hallowed Grounds: Session 9"
·Story to Screen with optional director commentary
·Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending with optional director commentary

Limited Edition Contents:
·Rigid slipcase with new artwork by Christopher Shy
·Soft cover book with new essays by Charles Bramesco,Simon Fitzjohn and Alexandra Heller-Nicholas plus behind-the-scenes and location images

Pre-order Session 9 from Amazon UK or direct from Second Sight.


Tuesday 2nd November 2021 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Cult Epics proudly presents the Sylvia Kristel 1970s Collection, featuring four of the legendary Dutch icon’s most diverse films in new 2K transfers and entirely uncut, for the first time on home video in the United States.

Released in 1975, Alain Robbe-Grillet’s surreal, absurdist sado-masochistic drama Playing with Fire (Le jeu avec le feu) features Sylvia in one of her most challenging roles alongside Jean-Louis Trintignant, Anicée Alvina and her Emmanuelle co-star Christine Boisson.

The set’s two Dutch films are co-starring Rutger Hauer, and Sylvia at the peak of her career. Submitted for the 1978 Academy Awards – Best Foreign Film, Wim Verstappen’s Pastorale 1943 is a war drama centered on the Dutch resistance during World War II, and features also the debut of Renée Soutendijk. Painter turned director Paul de Lussanet’s romantic psychological drama Mysteries, based on the world-famous novel by the Norwegian Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun and shot by renowned cinematographer Robby Müller, also stars Rita Tushingham and David Rappaport.

Filmed and released right after Sylvia became one of the world’s biggest stars as Emmanuelle (1974), Sigi Rothemund’s 1974 film Julia is a German sex comedy drama, with Sylvia as a young boy’s first love, foreshadowing her later U.S. commercial hit Private Lessons.

. New 2K Transfers (from original 35mm film elements)
. Audio Commentaries by Tim Lucas, Jeremy Richey, and Peter W. Verstraten
. New and Vintage Interviews with Cast & Crew
. Poster & Photo Galleries
. Original Theatrical Trailers
. Ltd. Edition Packaging featuring Art by Gilles Vranckx (Blu-ray is numbered)

. Blu-ray/DVD Slipcases with Art by Gilles Vranckx . 40-Page illustrated booklet with essays on 4 films by Jeremy Richey . 16" x 20" Fold-out Poster with Art by Gilles Vranckx . Exclusive Bonus DVD – Interview with Just Jaeckin

Only 200 available with web exclusives available HERE.


Tuesday 2nd November 2021 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Second Sight is delighted to announce Carlo Mirabella-Davis’ visually stunning, critically acclaimed feature debut Swallow is set to receive a fantastic Limited Edition Blu-ray Box set release, complete with a slew of fascinating new bonus content this November.

Haley Bennett (Hillbilly Elegy) gives an outstanding performance as Hunter a young woman who on the surface appears to have it all, the handsome, successful husband, the idyllic house, and a baby on the way. But is her life as perfect as it seems?

As domineering husband Richie (Austin Stowell – Whiplash), and his overbearing family put pressure on Hunter to play the dutiful wife, she becomes overwhelmed and powerless. Desperate to reclaim control of her life and her identity, Hunter starts to swallow things… and as the compulsion increases the more dangerous the objects she ingests become… When a shocking revelation is exposed, it sets off an unstoppable chain of events that will shock to the very core. Also stars Denis O'Hare (Dallas Buyers Club), Elizabeth Marvel (Unbelievable), David Rasche (Succession) and Luna Lauren Velez (Dexter).

Gaining a lot of buzz on its early lockdown premiere, Swallow now gets an awe-inspiring Limited Edition Blu-ray on 22 November 2021 featuring an amazing array of bonus material including brand new interviews, audio commentaries and a short film from director Carlo Mirabella-Davis. The set is presented in a stunning, rigid slipcase featuring new artwork by Haley Turnbull, alongside a soft cover book with an exclusive introduction by the director and new essays.

• Region B Blu-ray
• Audio Commentary by director Carlo Mirabella-Davis & producers Mollye Asher and Mynette Louie
• "A Personal Story" interview with director Carlo Mirabella-Davis
• "Something Bubbling Underneath" interview with producer Mollye Asher
• "The Process" interview with editor Joe Murphy
• "Metal and Glass" interview with composer Nathan Halpern
• "A Room of One’s Own: Alexandra Heller-Nicholas on Swallow" visual essay
• "Knife Point" short film by Carlo Mirabella-Davis
• English subtitles for the hearing impaired

• Rigid slipcase with new artwork by Haley Turnbull
• Softcover book with an exclusive introduction by Carlo Mirabella-Davis and new essays by Anne Billson, Jordan Crucchiola and Ella Kemp
• 6 collectors’ art cards

Order from Amazon or directly from Second Sight.


Thursday 21st October 2021 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

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Have a happy and SAFE Halloween from your pals at Full Moon!


Sunday 19th September 2021 - posted by Eric_Cotenas


On behalf of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment F9 The Fast Saga is now available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, & DVD to celebrate this release we have a Blu-ray Combo Pack of F9 to giveaway to one lucky reader.

Simply email us at with the subject heading "FAST9" with your name and mailing address (no P.O. Boxes) for a chance to enter the draw to win.

Open to US and Canadian residents only, No DVDcompare staff or family allowed to enter. One entry per person, multiple entries will be deleted. Contest closes on September 25, 2021.


Monday 13th September 2021 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Time for a trip down under, back to the town of Brokenwood, New Zealand, where the population is small, and the murder rate is high, as The Brokenwood Mysteries returns for a seventh series and delivers another slew of gripping murder mysteries. Following its run on UKTV’s Drama Channel, Acorn Media International brings the much-loved show to DVD and digital as The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 7 and the full bumper box Series 1–7 Box Set on 18 October 2021.

This delightful Kiwi mystery drama follows Detective Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea, Go Girls) who arrives in the seemingly sweet and sleepy town of Brokenwood. Arriving in a classic car, with a country music collection and an indeterminate number of ex-wives, Shepherd is joined by his by-the-book assistant, DC Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland, The Almighty Johnsons). It’s not long before Shepherd discovers that Brokenwood is full of secrets and suspicions... From mysterious murders to secret societies, alongside gruesome goings-on, killers lurk between the shadows in the seedy underbelly of this town.

Series Seven sees Brokenwood C.I.B’s finest, D.S.S. Mike Shepherd and his associates, back for more enthralling investigations. This curious team of detectives work together with a warm camaraderie and deadpan humour against the background of sublime small-town New Zealand and must investigate fresh murder cases including the demise of an antiques show host, a death at a health retreat and a killing at a farmer’s market.

Featuring a soundtrack of Mike’s favourite soulful country music to match the rural setting, each series contains six enthralling stand-alone, feature-length murder mystery cases.

Murder lies just around the corner in The Brokenwood Mysteries.

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