Prestige (The) (Blu-ray 4K) 18/01/18
Father Brown: Series 5 (TV) (Blu-ray) 17/01/18
Father Brown: Series 4 (TV) (Blu-ray) 17/01/18
Father Brown: Series 3 (TV) (Blu-ray) 17/01/18
Father Brown: Series 2 (TV) (Blu-ray) 17/01/18
Father Brown: Series 1 (TV) (Blu-ray) 17/01/18
Pacific Rim (Blu-ray 4K) 17/01/18
Silver Bullet AKA Stephen King's Silver Bulle 16/01/18
Lifetime AKA Livstid AKA Annika Bengtzon: Cri 16/01/18
Red Wolf (The) AKA Den röda vargen AKA Annika 16/01/18
Groundhog Day (Blu-ray 4K) 16/01/18
Blade of the Immortal AKA Mugen no jűnin (Blu 16/01/18
Hounds of Love (Blu-ray) 16/01/18
Color of Pomegranates (The) AKA Sayat Nova AK 16/01/18
Jigsaw (Blu-ray 4K) 15/01/18
Jigsaw (Blu-ray) 15/01/18
De-Lovely (Blu-ray) 15/01/18
Warehouse 13: Season 5 (TV) (Blu-ray) 15/01/18
Warehouse 13: Season 4 (TV) (Blu-ray) 15/01/18
Warehouse 13: Season 3 (TV) (Blu-ray) 15/01/18


File of the Golden Goose (The) 17/01/18
Anna and the King (TV) 17/01/18
My Favorite Wife 16/01/18
Lion Guard (The): The Rise of Scar 16/01/18
Project: ALF (TV) 16/01/18
Mad Ghoul (The) 16/01/18
Meatball Machine: Kodoku AKA Kodoku: Mîtobôru 16/01/18
Meatball Machine AKA Mîtobôru mashin 16/01/18
Kill Me Three Times 16/01/18
Dark Corners 16/01/18
Sailor Beware AKA Panic in the Parlor 15/01/18
Pursuit 14/01/18
Ideal: Series 2 (TV) 14/01/18
Phoenix Rises (The) AKA Skypocalypse 14/01/18
Sam 14/01/18
Survivor 14/01/18
All-New Dennis the Menace AKA Incredible Denn 14/01/18
Xombies 3D AKA Absolute Zombies 14/01/18
Woodpeckers AKA Carpinteros 14/01/18
Félicité 14/01/18
Oliver's Story 13/01/18
UFO Documentary (The) 13/01/18
Space: 1999 Documentary (The) 12/01/18
Inferno of Torture AKA Tokugawa irezumi-shi: 12/01/18
My Art 12/01/18
Kills on Wheels AKA Tiszta szívvel 11/01/18
Bunch of Five AKA Schpaaa 11/01/18
Primal Scream: Riot City Blues Tour 11/01/18
Shakedown 11/01/18
Butchered 10/01/18


Breakfast Club (The) (Blu-ray) 18/01/18
Night of the Living Dead AKA George A. Romero 18/01/18
Blade Runner 2049 (Blu-ray) 17/01/18
Forever Amber (Blu-ray) 17/01/18
Raw Deal (Blu-ray) 17/01/18
Minions (Blu-ray) 16/01/18
Embodiment of Evil AKA Encarnaçăo do Demônio 16/01/18
Baby Driver (Blu-ray) 16/01/18
Baby Driver (Blu-ray 4K) 16/01/18
Savage Weekend AKA The Upstate Murders AKA Th 16/01/18
Groundhog Day (Blu-ray) 16/01/18
Night School AKA Terror Eyes (Blu-ray) 16/01/18
Rambo III AKA First Blood III (Blu-ray) 16/01/18
Basic Instinct (Blu-ray) 16/01/18
American Made (Blu-ray) 15/01/18
Ghost in the Shell AKA Kōkaku kidōt 15/01/18
Alien: Covenant (Blu-ray) 15/01/18
Alien: Covenant (Blu-ray 4K) 15/01/18
Theatre of Blood AKA Theater of Blood (Blu-ra 15/01/18
Love Witch (The) (Blu-ray) 15/01/18


Flesh and the Fiends (The) AKA Mania AKA The 17/01/18
Torture Garden 17/01/18
Villa Rides! 17/01/18
Buccaneer (The) 17/01/18
Meet the Wife: Series 1-5 All Surviving Episo 17/01/18
Beasts Are on the Streets (The) (TV) 17/01/18
Tales of the Gold Monkey (TV) 16/01/18
Queen of Versailles (The) 16/01/18
BoardingHouse AKA Housegeist 16/01/18
Genghis Khan 16/01/18
Taras Bulba 16/01/18
Double Man (The) 16/01/18
Curse of King Tutankhamen's Tomb (The) (TV) A 16/01/18
Savage Weekend AKA The Upstate Murders AKA Th 16/01/18
Night School AKA Terror Eyes 16/01/18
Revenge of the Creature 16/01/18
Rambo III AKA First Blood III 16/01/18
Drive 16/01/18
Life Stinks 16/01/18
Basic Instinct 16/01/18
Quatermass 2 AKA Enemy from Space AKA Quaterm 15/01/18
Theatre of Blood AKA Theater of Blood 15/01/18
Star Trek: Deep Space 9: Season 2 (TV) 14/01/18
Fragment of Fear 14/01/18
Straw Dogs 14/01/18
Quantum Leap: Season 5 (TV) 13/01/18
Quantum Leap: Season 4 (TV) 13/01/18
Quantum Leap: Season 3 (TV) 13/01/18
Quantum Leap: Season 1 (TV) 13/01/18
Quantum Leap: Season 2 (TV) 13/01/18



Wednesday 17th January 2018 - posted by Samuel

Arrow release of Hellraiser Trilogy is just Ł12.99 HERE.

Hurry before stock runs out!


Monday 1st January 2018 - posted by Samuel

Best UK Independent Distributor - This year was closer than ever, but the lads and lasses over at Arrow Films have been voted number one for the 4th year running. However, hot on their heels behind by just a single vote were Powerhouse Films, and just a few votes behind them 88 Films rounding out the top 3.

Best USA Independent Distributor - Last year's runners up are this year's victors! Criterion had another blinding year in 2017 and just edge out Shout Factory to the coveted top spot. The consistently brilliant Vinegar Syndrome rounds out the top three.

Best Rest of World Independent Distributor - 2017 has a clear cut winner for the first time, with Australian distributor Umbrella Entertainment running away with the award. Honourable mentions go to France's Carlotta Films, and South Korea's Nova Media.

Best Major Distributor - 2017 sees Warner Home Video win our best major distributor award, with many mentions of Warner Archive in the polls. Studio Canal comes second, with Sony third.


Monday 1st January 2018 - posted by Samuel

- Piranha 2: The Spawning (Shout! Factory)
- Hack-O-Lantern (Massacre Video)
- The Red Squirrel (Olive Films)

- Killer Klowns from Outer Space (new 4K scan) (Arrow)
- Ringo (double bill) (Arrow)
- Mask (director's cut) (Final Cut)

- Fargo (mediabook) (Delta)

- Twin Peaks: The Return (digipak) (Paramount)


Saturday 23rd December 2017 - posted by Samuel

James Masaki-Ryan attended Tokyo International Film Festival 2017 a little while back, and you can now read his great in-depth report HERE.


Tuesday 19th December 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Assault on Precinct 13 (steelbook) (Shout! Factory)
- Threads (Severin)
- Prince of Darkness (steelbook) (Shout! Factory)

- Hammer: Volume 2 (Powerhouse Films)
- Blade of the Immortal (steelbook) (Arrow)
- The Gate (Vestron) (Lions Gate)

- The Barbarians (mediabook) (Koch Media)

- The Diabolical Dr Z (Gaumont)


Tuesday 12th December 2017 - posted by Samuel

It's that time of year folks! Who will be victorious in our Rewind Awards 2017? Will Arrow take the UK crown for the fourth year running, or has the annually closing gap finally caught them? Is Zavvi still the worst e-tailer out there? What has been the best release of the year?

You tell us!

Fill out the survey HERE.


Monday 4th December 2017 - posted by Samuel

Coming from Fabulous Films in 2018!

The Rockford Files

The original and quintessential anti-hero detective, Jim Rockford, is on the case! Primetime Emmy® Award-wnner James Garner stars as the ex-con-turned-private-investigator who stays under the radar and takes on the cases of the lost and dispossessed, chasing down seemingly long-dead clues on the sunbaked streets and seamy alleys of Los Angeles. Filled with wry humor, chilling suspense, and engaging cases, it's no mystery why THE ROCKFORD FILES remains one of the most celebrated detective shows.


Monday 4th December 2017 - posted by Samuel

Coming from Fabulous Films in 2018!

Northern Exposure

Joel Fleishman is fresh out of medical college, and fresh out of luck. Failing to read the fine print in his scholarship conditions, he finds he has no choice but to move to the remote and somewhat eccentric town of Cicely, in the wilds of Alaska. Once there he is welcomed by the peculiar locals, who are not keen to see him go, most especially Maurice Minnifield, the ex-NASA astronaut who is Cicely's founding father.


Monday 4th December 2017 - posted by Samuel

Coming from Fabulous Films in 2018!

Murder, She Wrote

Angela Lansbury stars in the role that earned her 12 consecutive Emmy nominations as everyone's favourite super-sleuth, Jessica Fletcher, a famous mystery writer who has a knack for solving murders on and off the page.


Monday 4th December 2017 - posted by Samuel

Coming from Fabulous Films in 2018!


In the detective series that inspired them all, legendary actor Peter Falk is back in his 4-time Emmy Winning role, as the ruffled, cigar-chomping, trenchcoat-wearing police lieutenant who is asking all the right questions.


Monday 4th December 2017 - posted by Samuel

Coming from Fabulous Films in 2018!

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

The classic Sci-Fi action series burned in the memory of all who have witnessed its greatness.

Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard) is a 20th Century astronaut frozen in ice after crashing in the Arctic. He's thawed in the year 2419 and enlisted to help save Earth from an alien threat. Buck Rogers in the 25 Century is a show that has it all: great space battles, hilarious comedy - remember Twiki the robot, and Erin Gray, undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in space? A must-collect TV series based on the classic comic strip and movie serials.


Monday 4th December 2017 - posted by Samuel

Coming from Fabulous Films in 2018!

30 Rock

Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is head scriptwriter for comedy sketch show 'The Girlie Show' who has to use all her political skills to keep her eccentric star Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) and arrogant, new-ideas boss Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) in check.


Monday 4th December 2017 - posted by Samuel

Come here at 8pm GMT to see the worldwide exclusive announcement of which TV shows will be coming from Fabulous Films on Blu-ray in 2018! There are a couple of big debuts for the Blu-ray format that is bound to get everyone excited!

We will announce a new title every five minutes until all six are unveiled!


Friday 24th November 2017 - posted by Samuel

We have today hit a new milestone! Rewind, with the help of our volunteer staff, forum members, and other contributors, have now listed the specs of 125,000 releases! Great way to just about see out an amazing year for us here at Rewind.

Thanks to everyone, and here is to the next 125000!


Sunday 19th November 2017 - posted by Samuel

For direct links to Black Friday DVD and Blu-ray deals all week, just click below. Note the deals change every hour, and if you scroll down each link slightly, we have made it so it is just DVD and Blu-ray deals!:

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France


Sunday 19th November 2017 - posted by Samuel

With Black Friday week and Christmas approaching, Amazon have dropped the price on a whole ton of 88 Films releases to new low prices, including the slasher range, Italian range, and Asia range.

Click HERE to LOOK.


Thursday 9th November 2017 - posted by Samuel

A whole bunch of Arrow titles have reached new low prices over at Amazon. Click HERE for DETAILS.


Sunday 5th November 2017 - posted by Samuel

We have added a trailer for Mountain to our YouTube page. Check out the trailer HERE.


Sunday 29th October 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Dawn of the Dead (Shout! Factory)
- Land of the Dead (Shout! Factory)
- Hellraiser (steelbook) (Arrow)

- Phenomena (Arrow)
- The Cat O' Nine Tails (Arrow)
- When the Wind Blows (BFI)

- American Psycho (mediabook) (Koch Media)

- Saturday Night Fever: Super Deluxe Edition (Capitol)

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