• Extras:
    - Nature Calls (23:04)
    - Baby Talk (22:53)
    - Network Genius (23:17)
    - The Discovery (23:07)
    - Little Boy Boo (22:20)
    - Germ Warfare (23:09)
    - Hungry for Love (23:09)
    - License to Parent (23:10)
    - Charlene's Flat World (23:06)
    Audio commentary on 'Nature Calls' by executive producer Brian Henson, writer/character designer Kirk Thatcher and co-stars Kevin Clash and Bill Barretta
    Sneak Peeks:
    -'The Jungle Book' (1:27), 'Ratatouille' (1:51), 'The Muppet Show Season 2' (1:33) and 'Scrubs The Complete Fifth Season' (1:38)

    - Wilderness Weekend (23:02)
    - The Son Also Rises (23:02)
    - Getting to Know You (23:11)
    - Green Card (23:10)
    - Out of the Frying Pan (23:11)
    - Steroids to Heaven (23:11)
    - Honey, I Miss the Kids (23:10)
    - Swamp Music (23:10)
    - Dirty Dancin' (23:00)
    - If You Were a Tree (23:10)

    - We Are Not Alone (23:11)
    - Charlene and her Amazing Humans (23:12)
    - The Clip Show II (23:07)
    - Monster Under the Bed (22:57)
    - Earl, Don't Be a Hero (23:27)
    - The Greatest Story Ever Sold (23:26)
    - Driving Miss Ethyl (23:27)
    - Earl's Big Jackpot (23:26)
    - Terrible Twos (23:26)
    - Changing Nature (23:26)

    Bonus Episodes:
    - Into the Woods (23:28)
    - Scent of a Reptile (23:27)
    - Working Girl (23:26)
    - Variations on a Theme Park (23:28)
    - Life in the Faust Lane (23:27)
    - Earl and Pearl (23:26)
    - Georgie Must Die (23:27)
    Audio commentary on 'Into the Woods' by executive producer Brian Henson, writer/character designer Kirk Thatcher and co-stars Kevin Clash and Bill Barretta
    "In the Baby, Gotta Love Me" featurette (5:47)
    "Creatures with a Cause: The Issues of "Dinosaurs"' featurette (9:19)
  • Subtitles:
    English HoH
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Picture Format:
  • TV System:
  • Soundtrack(s):
    English Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo
  • Case type:
    Special Case
  • Notes:
    Comes in a 4-disc, 2-fold digipak. Disc one start with skippable trailers. All extras comes with optional English HoH subtitles.
  • Easter eggs:
    1. On disc 4, go to Setup and press left. A dinosaur egg leading to a 12-second tv spot should be highlighted.
    2. On the same disc, go, again, to Setup and press right. This takes you to a 23-second TV spot for the show's premiere.
    3. Again on disc 4, go into the Bonus Features menu. Go to 'I'm the Baby, Gotta Love Me' and press left. You can see an 82-second egg of various actors shooting inside the costumes.
    4. Once again, in the Bonus Features menu of disc 4, go to 'Creatures with a Cause' and press right. A 2-minute interview with Kevin Clash is seen.
    5. A fifth egg is found in the same menu of the fourth disc. Go to the Audio commmentary and press right. You'll see a 42-second interview bit with executive producer Brian Henson.

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