• Extras:
    Includes 6 episodes:
    - "Iraq"/"First Kiss"
    - "Nuked"/"Camp"
    - "Gay Friend"/"Mexican"
    - "Global Warming"/"Hall Monitor"
    - "Evolution"/"Press Corps Dinner"
    - "Haunted House"/"Hot Dog"
    Audio commentary on all 6 episodes by series director Jay Karas, writer Donick Cary, voice actor Dave Mitchell, and supervising producer Opus Moreschi
    Audio commentaries by celebrities Jerry Springer, Ralph Nader, and Tucker Carlson
    "Behind the Scenes: Lil' George's White House Tour" featurette (1:15)
    "Interviews With the Cast" featurette (6:05)
    "Table Read" featurette (6:00)
    Never-Before-Seen Bonus Episode: "Walter Reed" (12:51)
    3 Comedy Central Quickies:
    - "Steven Colbert: Breasts" (1:26)
    - "South Park: Leprechaun" (2:36)
    - "The Sarah Silverman Program: Date with God" (2:37)
    Bonus trailers for:
    - "The Best of the Colbert Report" (1:30)
    - "South Park: The Complete Tenth Season" (1:20)
    - "Drawn Together" (1:25)
  • Subtitles:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Picture Format:
  • TV System:
  • Soundtrack(s):
    English Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo
  • Case type:
    Keep Case

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