• Extras:
    * The Film (Theatrical Version)
    * The Film ("Night of Anubis" workprint version) (with introduction by producer Russell Streiner - 7:17)
    Audio Commentary with the 'Zombie Masters' (Crew) George Romero, John Russo, Karl Hardman, and Marilyn Eastman (Theatrical Version only)
    Audio Commentary with the 'Zombie Party' (Cast) Bill Hinzman, Judith O'Dea, Keith Wayne, Kyra Schon, Russell Streiner, and Vince Survinski (Theatrical Version only)

    "Light in The Darkness: The Impact of Night of The Living Dead" featurette (23:41)
    "Dead Relics" dailies reel (with introduction by sound engineer Gary Streiner - 3:41) (18:04)
    "Learning From Scratch" interview with co-writer John A. Russo (11:58)
    Newsreels from 1967 (2:48)
    "Walking Like The Dead" featurette (13:04)
    Archival Interview with actor Duane Jones (21:56)
    "Zombies, My Love" interview with Judith Ridley (10:42)
    "Tones of Terror" featurette (11:15)
    "Limitations Into Virtues" video essay by Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos (11:57)
    Excerpts from the July 3, 1979 episode of NBC Tomorrow (18:20)
    TIFF 2012 event hosted by Colin Geddes (45:30)
    "Venus Probe" featurette (0:32)
    - Original Theatrical Trailer (1:49)
    - 2017 Re-release Trailer (1:13)
    2 TV Spots:
    - Twenty Seconds (0:22)
    - Sixty Seconds (1:02)
    5 Radio Spots:
    - Thirty Seconds (1968 - 0:30)
    - Sixty Seconds (1968 0:59)
    - Re-release One (1970 - 1:03)
    - Re-release Two (1970 - 1:00)
    - Re-release Three (1970 - 1:01)
  • Subtitles:
    Theatrical Version: English HoH
    Workrpint Version: None
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Picture Format:
    1080p 24fps AVC MPEG-4
  • Soundtrack(s):
    Theatrical Version
    English LPCM 1.0
    Workprint Version:
    English Dolby Digital 1.0
  • Case type:
  • Notes:
    The theatrical version features a 4K digital restoration supervised by director George A. Romero, coscreenwriter John A. Russo, sound engineer Gary R. Streiner, and producer Russell W. Streiner.
    Comes with a fold-out poster with an essay by critic Stuart Klawans, credits, and restoration notes on the other side.
    Also available in a 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition: The Ultimate Fan Box Set - FYE Exclusive which includes
    - Graphic novel
    - Commemorative movie ticket
    - Poster
    - Lobby cards

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