• Extras:
    DISC ONE: Variety Lights
    * "Variety Lights" (98:15)
    "Fellini: I'm a Born Liar" 2002 documentary (101:24) [1080i]
    "Second Look" 1960 interview with director Federico Fellini by filmmaker André Delvaux for Belgian TV (Part 1/4) (34:52)

    DISC TWO: The White Sheik
    * "The White Sheik" (87:19)
    "Remembrances" 2002 documentary (31:18) [1080i]
    Gideon Bachmann Interviews
    - Federico Fellini, 1962 (30:44) (in English) [1080i]
    - Family and Friends, 1962 (59:03) [1080i]

    DISC THREE: I Vitelloni
    * "I Vitelloni" (108:52)
    "Vitellonismo" 2004 making-of documentary (35:11) [1080i]
    "Second Look" 1960 interview with director Federico Fellini by filmmaker André Delvaux for Belgian TV (Part 2/4) (31:26)
    Stills Gallery (3:37)
    Trailer (3:56) [1080i]

    DISC FOUR: La Strada
    * "La Strada" (109:00)
    Audio Commentary with author Peter Bondanella (2010)
    Introduction by filmmaker Martin Scorsese from 2010 (13:45) (in English and Italian) [1080i]
    "Federico Fellini's Autobiography" 2000 documentary (55:16) [1080i]
    Trailer (2:05) (in English) [1080i]

    DISC FIVE: Il Bidone
    * "Il Bidone" (113:48)
    Audio Commentary by film scholar Frank Burke (2020)
    Interview with Fellini's assistant director Dominique Delouche (39:51) (in French) [1080i]

    DISC SIX: Nights of Cabiria
    * "Nights of Cabiria" (118:33)
    "Giulietta Masina: The Power of a Smile" 2004 documentary (52:50) [1080i]
    "Second Look" 1960 interview with director Federico Fellini by filmmaker André Delvaux for Belgian TV (Part 3/4) (33:19)
    Interview with Fellini's assistant director Dominique Delouche from 1999 (30:49) (in French) [1080i]
    Audio Interview with Dino De Laurentiis (3:41) (in English) [1080i]
    Original Theatrical Trailer (3:57)
    Re-release Theatrical Trailer (burnt-in subtitles) (1:22)

    DISC SEVEN: La Dolce Vita
    * "La Dolce Vita" (175:46)
    "Second Look" 1960 interview with director Federico Fellini by filmmaker André Delvaux for Belgian TV (Part 4/4) (30:57)
    Interview with director Federico Fellini from 1965 (30:07) (in English and Italian)
    "The Eye & The Beholder" 2014 visual essay by filmmaker ::kogonada (9:32)
    Interview with assistant director Lina Wertmüller from 2014 (7:25) [1080i]
    Interview with scholar David Forgacs from 2014 (14:29) (in English)
    Interview with Italian journalist Antonello Sarno from 2014 (15:51) [1080i]
    "Once Upon a Time: La Dolce Vita" 2009 documentary (52:03) (in French and Italian) [1080i]
    "Felliniana" picture gallery (54 pages)

    DISC EIGHT: 8½
    * "8½" (139:26)
    Audio Commentary by film critic and Fellini friend Gideon Bachmann and film scholar Antonio Monda (2001)
    Introduction by Terry Gilliam from 2001 (7:29) (in English) [1080i]
    "The Last Sequence" 2003 documentary (50:24) [1080i]
    "Nino Rota: Between Cinema and Concert" 1993 documentary (47:28) (in German) [1080i]
    Interview with actor Sandra Milo from 2001 (26:38) [1080i]
    Interview with assistant director Lina Wertmüller from 2001 (17:28) [1080i]
    Interview with cinematographer Vittorio Storaro from 2001 (17:24) (in English) [1080i]
    Trailer (3:10)
    Photographs from Gideon Bachmann (18 pages)
    Stills Gallery of Behind-the-Scenes and Production Photos (113 pages)

    DISC NINE: Juliet of the Spirits
    * "Juliet of the Spirits" (145:24)
    "Toby Dammit" 1968 short by Federico Fellini (43:31)
    "Fellini: A Director's Notebook" 1969 NBC TV documentary (51:48) (in English)
    "Fellini's Letter" text (6 pages)
    "Reporter's Diary: Zoom on Fellini" 1965 documentary (33:15) [1080i]
    "Familiar Spirits" 1966 interview with Fellini by Ian Dallas from the BBC series 'New Release' (in English and Italian) (21:30) [1080i]
    Trailer (2:32)

    DISC TEN: Fellini Satyricon
    * The Film
    Audio Commentary featuring an adaptation of Eileen Lanouette Hughes' memoir "On the Set of Fellini Satyricon: A Behind-the-Scenes Diary" (2014)
    "Ciao, Federico!" 1970 documentary by Gideon Bachmann (60:15)
    "Fellini" archival interviews:
    - Gideon Bachman, 1969 (audio only) (10:48)
    - French Television excerpt, 1969 (1:38) (in French and Italian)
    - Gene Shalit, 1975 (2:08) (in English)
    Interview with cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno from 2011 (7:38)
    "Fellini and Petronius" 2014 documentary (23:51)
    Interview with stills photographer Mary Ellen Mark from 2014 (12:57) (in English)
    "Felliniana" picture gallery (31 pages)
    Trailer (2:24)

    * "Roma" (120:20)
    Audio Commentary with film scholar Frank Burke (2016)
    Deleted Scenes (17:32)
    Interview with filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino from 2016 (15:17)
    Interview with poet and Fellini friend Valerio Magrelli from 2016 (16:20)
    "Felliniana" montage (18:32)
    US Trailer (2:46)

    DISC TWELVE: Amarcord
    * "Amarcord" (125:58)
    Audio Commentary with film scholars Peter Brunette and Frank Burke (2006)
    "The Secret Diary of Amarcord" 1974 documentary (44:59)
    "Fellini's Homecoming" 2006 documentary (44:18) [1080i]
    Interview with actor Magali Noël from 2006 (15:35) (in French) [1080i]
    "Fellini's Drawings" picture gallery (44 pages)
    - Stills (128 pages)
    - Radio Ads (2:31)
    Deleted Scene (3:03) (no audio) [1080i]
    Trailer (3:49)

    DISC THIRTEEN: And the Ship Sails On
    * "And the Ship Sailed On" (129:18)
    "Fellini Racconta: Diary of a Film" 1983 TV documentary (51:27) [1080i]

    DISC FOURTEEN: Intervista
    * "Intervista" (107:42)
    "At Home With Federico Fellini" 1987 Italian TV interview (17:14)
    "Fellini Racconta: Passeggiate nella memoria" 2000 documentary (52:05) [1080i]
    "Marcello Mastroianni" c.1963 audio interview by film historian Gideon Bachmann (47:19)
    "Fellini's TV" montage of unused and unseen TV ads from "Ginger and Fred" (35:14) [1080i]

    DISC FIFTEEN: Marcello Mastroianni: I Remember
    * "Marcello Mastroianni: I Remember" 1997 documentary by Anna Maria Tatò (193:56)
  • Subtitles:
    English (optional)
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Picture Format:
    1080p24 AVC MPEG-4
  • Soundtrack(s):
    Italian LPCM 1.0 (48kHz / 24-bit)
  • Case type:
    Special Case
  • Notes:
    Packaged in a large flipbook along with the 84-page book "Guide to the Films" and the 156-page book "Essential Fellini Essays" inside a large collector's box.
    All commentaries are in English. Other extras are in 1080p, in Italian, unless specified otherwise. Optional English subtitles are present for non-English audio only.
    The "Second Look" interviews also feature burnt-in French subtitles.

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