• Extras:
    * The Film
    Audio commentary with director/writer Koki Mitani, actor Naoki Tanaka, and actress Akiko Yagi

    Making of the Film
    - Photo Gallery (42 stills)
    - Image Design (26 stills)
    - Deleted Scenes (with optional director’s commentary) (7:09)
    - Trailers
    -- Teaser (0:35)
    -- TV Spots (0:33)
    -- Trailer (1:06)
    -- Unused Trailer (with optional director’s commentary) (0:57)
    - “Minna no Minna no ie: Making of All About Our House” documentary (43:27)
    - “Mezamashi TV presents: All About Our House” TV documentary (41:08)
    Making of the House
    - “The Process” (text screens)
    - “Design Sketch” (16 stills)
    - “3D CG Simulation” (1:06)
    - “The Iijima House: From Start to Finish” (2:06)
    - “Buidling a Paper IIjima House Replica” (DVD-ROM)
    Cast & Characters
    - Toshiaki Karasawa (as Hidetoshi Yanagisawa) (text bio, audio intro, and interview (5:53))
    - Kunie Tanaka (as Choichiro Iwata) (text bio, audio intro, and interview (6:33))
    - Naoki Tanaka (as Naosuke Iijima) (text bio, audio intro, and interview (9:45))
    - Akiko Yagi (as Tamiko Iijima) (text bio, audio intro, and interview (9:45))
    - Nobuo Yana (as Arakawa Senior) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Takashi Ebata (as Sano) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Shobun Inoue (as Yagida) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Hyoe Enoki (as Yaneda) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Teruo Matsuyama (as Matsumae) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Kojiro Matsumoto (as Nagai) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Tsuyoshi Ihara (as Arakawa Junior) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Akira Shirai (as Suga) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Jitsuko Yoshimura (as Mitsuyo Iwata) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Yoko Nogiwa (as Iijima Setsuko) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Mitsuko Shimizu (as Mieko Aonuma) (text bio, audio intro, and interview (3:35))
    - Koichi Yamadera (as Kikuma Aonuma) (text bio, audio intro, and interview (3:35))
    - Kiichi Nakai (as himself) (text bio)
    - Akira Fuse (text bio, audio intro)
    - Yoshimasa Kondo (as the Janitor of the apartment house) (text bio)
    - Shozo Endo (as the Martian) (text bio, Interview (1:27))
    - Zen Kajihara (as Kent-chan) (text bio & audio introduction)
    - Keiko Toda (as the Customer at the bar) (text bio)
    - Yasukio Umeno (as the Customer at the bar) (text bio)
    - Fumiyo Kohinata (as the Master with the apron) (text bio)
    - Yutaka Matsushine (as the Tall man) (text bio)
    - Hitomi Sato (as the Woman using a cellular phone) (text bio)
    - Erica Ash (as Naomi) (text bio, audio intro)
    - Cast Staff List
    - Koki Mitani (Director) (text bio, bibliography, sketch)
    -- On Set (3:59)
    -- A Message (1:42)
    - Takayuki Hattori (Music) (text bio)
    - Kenji Takama (Cinematography) (text bio)
    - Masamichi Uwabo (Lighting) (text bio)
    - Tetsuo Segawa (Recording) (text bio)
    - Fumio Ogawa (Art Direction) (text bio)
    - Soichi Ueno (Editing) (text bio)
    - Film Staff List
    - DVD Staff List
  • Subtitles:
    English, Japanese
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Picture Format:
  • TV System:
  • Soundtrack(s):
    Japanese DTS 5.1
    Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Case type:
    Jewel Case
  • Notes:
    Packaged in a 2-disc jewel case in a slipcover.
    All extras are in Japanese with no subtitles, except the "Making of" documentary which is in English and French with Japanese voice-over.

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