• Extras:
    *The Film - Armenian Version/Parajanov's Cut (79:44)
    *The Film - Russian Version/Yutkevich's Cut (72:42)
    Annotated Subtitle Commentary by academic James Steffen on the Armenian Version
    Audio Commentary by cultural anthropologist Levon Abrahamyan on the Russian Version

    Sergei Parajanov's short film "Kiev Frescoes" (11:40, with optional annotated subtitle commentary by Daniel Bird)
    "Poetry, Pomegranates and Parajanov" visual essay by Daniel Bird (9:14)
    "Pomegranates Rediscovered" Cecilia Penciarelli of Bologna Cineteca on the multi-national efort to save the film (8:40)
    "Free Parajnov!" Tony Rayns on the campaign to free Parajanov (11:40)
    "The World is a Window: The Making of the Colour of Pomegranates" documentary (75:59)
    "Memories About Sayat Nova" Levon Grigoryan's documentary feature extracts from the rushes (31:33)
    "Parajanov: A Requiem" documentary (59:06)
  • Subtitles:
    English (both versions)
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Picture Format:
    1080p 24fps AVC MPEG-4
  • Soundtrack(s):
    Armenian/Georgian LPCM 2.0 mono (both versions)
  • Case type:
    Special Case
  • Notes:
    4K restoration of the Armenian version reconstructed from the original camera negative of the Russian version and a 35mm dupe negative of the Armenian version.
    2K restoration of "Kiev Frescoes"
    Limited edition featuring a 114-page book featuring Martin Scorcese introduction, archive material, new writings, costume designs, storyboards and original literary script.

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