• Extras:
    "The Bakery Girl of Monceau" (1963)
    "Presentation, or Charlotte and her Steak" 1951 short film (9:51)
    "Moral Tales: Filmic Issues" interview with Rohmer conducted by filmmaker Barbet Schroeder (83:49)

    * "Suzanne's Career" (1963)
    "Nadja in Paris" 1964 short film (13:10)

    * "My Night at Maud's" (1969)
    "On Pascal" a 1965 educational film (21:59)
    1974 Telecinema episode with interviews with actor Jean-Louis Trintignant, film critic Jean Douchet and producer Pierre Cottrell (13:38)
    Theatrical trailer (2:45)

    * "La Collectionnuese" (1967)
    "A Modern Coed" 1966 short film (12:48)
    1977 episode of TVOntario's "Parlons Cinema" with an interview with Rohmer (50:38)
    Theatrical trailer (2:15)

    * "Claire's Knee" (1970)
    "The Curve" 1999 short film in collaboration with Edwige Shakti (16:45)
    "La Journal Du Cinema" an excerpt from the French TV episode with interviews with cast members Jean-Claude Brialy, Beatrice Romand and Lawrence de Monaghan (8:43)
    Theatrical trailer (2:40)

    * "Love in the Afternoon"
    "Veronique and her Dunce" 1958 short film (18:22)
    Afterward by Neil LaBute interview (11:50)
    Theatrical trailer (4:04)
  • Subtitles:
    English (optional)
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Picture Format:
  • TV System:
  • Soundtrack(s):
    French Dolby Digital 1.0
  • Case type:
    Special Case
  • Notes:
    Only available in the "Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales" (spine #342) which includes "The Bakery Girl of Monceau", "Suzanne's Career", "My Night at Maud’s", "La Collectionneuse" and "Love in the Afternoon".
    Also includes a 262-page softcover book of the original written moral tales by Rohmer translated to English and a 56-page book with essays on the films.
    Packaged in six Digi-pack cases in a box. The original pressing had an outer box that was slightly too large. Criterion issued replacement outer boxes for affected first pressings.

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