• Extras:
    DISC ONE: The Third Part of the Night

    DISC TWO: The Devil
    *The Film
    "Michael Brooke on The Devil" 2023 film historian interview (18:18)
    "Lukasz Żulawski on The Devil" 2023 actor interview (19:02)

    DISC THREE: On the Silver Globe

    DISC FOUR: Escape to the Silver Globe
  • Subtitles:
    English (optional)
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Picture Format:
    1080p24 AVC MPEG-4
  • Soundtrack(s):
    Polish LPCM 2.0 Mono
  • Case type:
    Special Case
  • Notes:
    4K restorations supervised by cinematographer Andrzej Jaroszewicz.
    Some incidental German dialogue is not subtitled.
    Unless noted, extras are in English.
    The first 3,000 copies come in a limited edition hardbound slipcase.
    "The Third Part of the Night" and "The Devil" are housed in one keep case with the spine number #274-275 while "On the Silver Globe" and "Escape to the Silver Globe" are housed in a second keep case with the spine number #276.
    Comes with a 60-page collectorís book featuring "The Enigmas of Żulawski", a new essay by Philip Kemp; "Unidentified Film Object", Daniel Birdís revised and edited notes for a presentation on the production history and restoration of "On the Silver Globe"; a new essay by Andrew Graves; a transcription from a 1979 samizdat journal criticising the official Polish coverage of "On the Silver Globe"; and an archival letter written by the crew of "On the Silver Globe".

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